Microsoft Exec Talks Bigger Xbox One Hard Drives, More Couch Co-Op Games

Phil Spencer says he understands the need for bigger hard drives and says industry needs more same-screen co-op games.

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Microsoft Xbox gaming executive Phil Spencer recently addressed the subject of bigger Xbox One hard drives and a desire for more couch co-op games through a series of posts on Twitter.

First, Spencer talked about the topic of bigger Xbox One hard drives, saying he understands "the need" for more space, though he says using an external hard drive is a temporary workaround.

As Spencer mentions, the most internal hard drive space offered today on Xbox One is 1 TB, which comes by way of the special-edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle. With games today often weighing in at 50 GB and up, hard drive space can fill up quickly for people who play lots of games.

The standard Xbox One model ships with a 500 GB hard drive. Microsoft has not announced plans to offer anything larger than 1 TB.

Switching topics, on the subject of couch co-op games, Spencer said he would like to see more of these in the future for Xbox One. The recently released downloadable game Chariot (get it today for $15) is a strong example, and he hopes more will follow.

Finally, and on another unrelated topic, Spencer said he recently visited Fable series developer Lionhead Studios and was impressed by what he saw of Xbox One game Fable Legends.

In other big Microsoft news, the company's $2.5 billion deal to buy Swedish developer Mojang and the Minecraft series has closed, meaning the franchise now officially belongs to Microsoft.

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