Microsoft Exec on PS4 Pro Reveal -- "They Did a Nice Job"

"But I'm very happy with our plans."


Following Sony's announcement yesterday of the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will seemingly compete with Microsoft's Project Scorpio, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has issued a response.

Writing on Twitter, Spencer said, "I always think it's great when game companies have events and announces. They did a nice job but I'm very happy with our plans."

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He's referring to Microsoft's plans to launch Project Scorpio, which Microsoft calls the "most powerful console ever made," in holiday 2017. The system boasts 6 teraflops of performance, which compares to 4.2 teraflops for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Spencer also talked about how development is coming along for Project Scorpio. He said, "Most devs are already targeting higher specs with their PC builds. Teams have art assets and engine to use power."

For games that are already out, Spencer said he thinks developers will released 6-teraflop versions on Xbox Scorpio through patches. "For shipped games that later come to Scorpio I'd expect teams would bring PC builds tuned for 6TF GPUs on PC," he explained.

Spencer also talked about it will be up to developers to decide if they want to release Scorpio patches, which sounds like the way it will also work on PS4 Pro.

Keep checking back with more on the PS4 Pro and Scorpio in the days and weeks ahead.

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