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Microsoft entangles Twisted Pixel

Developers of 'Splosion Man and The Gunstringer to develop exclusively for Xbox 360.


Today, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Texas-based developer Twisted Pixel Games to work exclusively with the Xbox 360. The move will see the developers brought to Microsoft Studios to continue development of their games for Microsoft's platform.

'Splosion Man put Twisted Pixel on the virtual map.
'Splosion Man put Twisted Pixel on the virtual map.

Twisted Pixel, founded in 2006, is known for bringing the generally well-received 'Splosion Man to Xbox Live Arcade, following up with the sequel Ms. 'Splosion Man. The firm's latest game, Kinect-enabled title The Gunstringer, was also met with positive reviews.

The company also brought The Maw and Comic Jumper to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Before the acquisition, Twisted Pixel was also a registered developer for the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS but had only ever actually released games on the PC and XBLA.

Earlier this year, Twisted Pixel was involved in a public plagiarism spat with Capcom regarding 'Splosion Man and the Capcom title MaXplosion. MaXplosion was released by Capcom onto iOS devices, with many--including Twisted Pixel's CEO--pointing out a number of similarities between it and Twisted Pixel's title. It also emerged through an interview that Twisted Pixel had pitched the idea of 'Splosion Man to Capcom, only to be rejected. Capcom defended its position, stating that the mobile division was a completely separate department and had no knowledge of Twisted Pixel's pitch or the game.

Twisted Pixel now joins Lionhead Studios and Rare as Microsoft-exclusive developers.

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