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Microsoft E3 2017: Xbox One X Is A Great Value At $500, Exec Says

"That value proposition is great."


One of the biggest talking points around the Xbox One X this week has been its $500 price. That's higher than some, including a number of analysts, thought it would be. It is the most powerful console ever made, and Microsoft never backed away from saying it would have a premium price point, but still, some are feeling sticker shock given it's $100 more than PS4 Pro. Now, Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra has weighed in, saying $500 is an excellent value.

Speaking to TechRadar, Ybarra the Xbox ecosystem is all about giving people options. "We're all about choice," he said, pointing to the Xbox One S as a more than capable console that is available at a relatively affordable price point, starting at $250 right now.

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The Xbox One X, meanwhile, is aimed at the "high-end gamer," and it has a price point that reflects that. "If you're a high-end gamer and you want the absolute best experience possible there's no place you'll find a better performance to price ratio than Xbox One X," he said. "True 4K, all the features you saw in the briefing at $499, that value proposition is great."

Further up the ladder in terms of performance--and price--is the PC market. "If you're on PC you're going to be about $1500 or so, so that's another area," Ybarra said. "We love Windows gaming. A lot of our games, almost 20 of them in the show, are going to be on Windows too."

"So that's the point that I love to say, 'What kind of gamer are you?' and let you decide what's best for you."

You can read the full interview here at TechRadar.

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