Microsoft doesn't react to PS3 news

"Leaders don't react," says Microsoft Game Studios general manager Shane Kim when asked about Sony's recent announcements.


With more than 50 pages of user comments on GameSpot's PlayStation 3 delay story, it's clear that everybody had an opinion to voice about the announcement. Sony's archrival was no different, as Microsoft Game Studios general manager Shane Kim gave his reaction to the news to Computer and Video Games.

"I have a philosophy: Leaders don't react," the site quotes Kim as saying at the New York unveiling of Rare's Viva Piñata. "For us, Sony's announcement doesn't change anything. We've had a very clear strategy for a long time now, and we're not going to change that. We're not going to react to anything that they do."

That philosophy didn't preclude Kim from giving his take on the PS3's planned worldwide launch in November and how he thinks the 360 can take advantage of it.

"We'll be in full supply of Xbox 360s shortly, we've got great content on the way, and we've got fantastic third-party support," Kim said in the article. "If Sony happens to stumble--and we know firsthand that there are a lot of challenges in a worldwide launch--then we'll be in an incredibly strong position to take advantage."

Another version of the party line showed up on GamerScoreBlog, a group blog staffed by Microsoft employees. The company's official stance follows:

"This announcement certainly doesn't change any of our plans. We've blasted out of the gate with the greatest launch in the history of video games and we're keeping our eyes squarely fixed on today and on the Xbox 360 road ahead, including continuous new content and programming through our premier Xbox Live online gaming service, the delivery of 80 high definition games and shipping between 4.5 and 5.5 million consoles by June."

GamerScoreBlog writer and online community manager Cesar Menendez followed that with a bit of his own commentary. "This may come as a shock to folks," he wrote, "but Sony tends to not share their launch plans with us in advance. ;) We're continuing to stay focused on Xbox 360."

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