Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 price in Japan, adds Value Pack

Console maker discounts Premium and Core consoles in Land of the Rising Sun; limited-edition bundle packs in Viva Piñata and Forza Motorsport 2.


It's well known that the Xbox 360 hasn't taken hold in Japan as much as Microsoft might like, where it's competing against homegrown rivals in the Nintendo Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3.

Earlier this month, Sony announced that the PS3 would be getting a price cut in Japan in time for the holidays, and that a new ceramic white colour would be introduced exclusively to the country. Now, Microsoft has responded by chopping a little off the prices of its two Xbox 360 console models.

Effective November 1, the new price for the 20GB bundle is ¥34,800 (approx $306), down from ¥39,795 ($350). Likewise, the Core system will sell for the reduced price of ¥27,800 ($245), down from its previous listing of ¥29,800 ($263).

Not to be beaten by Sony on the value pack concept, Microsoft is also releasing a "limited" Value Pack for its system. The 20GB Value Pack retails for ¥34,800 ($306) and will come with first-party titles Viva Piñata and Forza Motorsport 2, although it won't have an HDMI cable.

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