Microsoft cuts 360 prices across Asia

Xbox maker reduces hardware prices in Taiwan, Honk Kong, Singapore, and South Korea by up to 20 percent.


Microsoft is continuing its attempts to gain a foothold in the Asian gaming market with the Xbox 360, and the latest part of that effort is a series of hardware price cuts. As reported by The Wall Street Journal and later confirmed to GameSpot, Microsoft is lowering the price of the Xbox 360 hardware in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Each country receives a different price cut, with Singapore gamers getting the biggest of the breaks at nearly 20 percent to SGD$499 ($366). Taiwanese Xbox 360 prices will drop 17 percent to NT$10,360 ($340), with Hong Kong gamers receiving a drop of nearly 11 percent to HKD$2,499 ($321), and South Korean systems falling barely beyond 5 percent in price to settle at KRW$369,000 ($367). Korea's price cut goes into effect on Thursday, whereas the remaining drops are effective as of today.

The Wall Street Journal article included a quote from Microsoft saying that the cuts were part of the company's "ongoing strategy to bring Xbox's high-definition gaming and entertainment experience to an even wider user base."

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