Microsoft continues talks with Enix, Square

Officials at Enix and SquareSoft comment on potential Xbox development.


As the Japanese launch of the Xbox approaches, Microsoft is in continued talks with both Enix and SquareSoft regarding Xbox support, according to a recent article in CBS Marketwatch. "These big companies are very important and of course we are talking to them," Seamus Blackley, technical director at Microsoft's Xbox division, told the publication. Enix officials confirmed the talks, but said that even if the company decides to develop games for the console its popular Dragon Warrior series will likely not appear on the Xbox.

A SquareSoft spokesperson was a bit more subtle in his response, saying that there is currently nothing officially set regarding Xbox development and that the company's policy has been to produce games for successful consoles. However, he did say that the Xbox is naturally ideal for online games, given its built-in hard-drive and Ethernet adapter. "We see a big growth potential in online game market and we don't want to be left alone when the (online game) boom suddenly arrives," the SquareSoft spokesperson said.

Microsoft will launch the Xbox console in Japan on February 22. The company has not commented on specific launch shipment numbers, but analysts predict that the initial units available for the Japanese launch will parallel the North American launch of the console, with Microsoft replenishing stocks weekly. Although the company plans an additional manufacturing facility in Asia, Microsoft will support the Japanese launch with consoles manufactured in existing plants in Hungary and Mexico.

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