Microsoft committed to providing offline, single-player experiences on Xbox One

The Xbox One will take full advantage on its online capabilities, but single-player "remains a conerstone of gaming."

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Although the Xbox One may have originally required a constant Internet connection, Microsoft says they’ve always been committed to providing high-quality offline experiences as well.

“Single-player gameplay remains a cornerstone of gaming,” said Microsoft’s Phil Spencer in an interview with GameSpot. “Looking at this last year, my personal game of the year right now is Brothers. I thought it was just a fantastic XBLA game this summer. I had a great time, and it wasn’t an online game at all. [Microsoft] will continue to invest in those games. I have a controller in my hand, I’m looking at a screen, I don’t need to compete with somebody, I don’t need a leaderboard, I just simply want to play through the game.”

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However, even with experiences that remain primarily offline, Spencer doesn’t rule out supplementing them with online options when appropriate. “It’s true that for some of those games, if you have a connection, they might take advantage of that in some way, and I don’t see that as a bad thing.” But the “heart and the soul” of a single-player game remains in providing a quality experience “when you’re sitting on your couch playing….Even a game like Forza, with 16-player multiplayer. If pulling the gas trigger and hitting the brake and steering don’t feel great, whether I”m connected or disconnected, the game’s going to fail."

“Having great single-player games for people that are disconnected, purely disc-based customers, will be a huge part of our business," said Spencer. "We’ll continue to support that. And we’re signing games today where the heart and soul of that game is an offline experience. If there are connected experiences [the developers] want to augment in the game itself, I think that’s great, but so many games really live or die based on how much fun you have with...the single-player experience.”

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I hope so because some of us really love play the newest video games, but can't afford the internet.

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So he says......we shall see

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If you want a console experience that is "committed to providing offline, single-player experiences" then go to google, ebay, a pawn shop, ect. and buy a PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and Dreamcast or all of any prior generation, and you can pick and choose from an enitre generation of offline games which 95%+ of are now dirt cheap, get the best of each, and not worry about any of the current console war crap that brings out immaturity in everybody, causeing people to be severly gullable, and jumping to conclusions on anything that make thier favourite console seem better and the competition seem worse. Boooo modern console wars. I acknowledge console wars existed before, but the online community was not as large so it did not seem as signifigant whether it was or not. Now everybody is on the internet so you have no choice to come across it at some point. But ya, with a very few exceptions, Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox or prior genterations are the only truly "committed to providing offline, single-player experiences"

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Xbox One supports offline experiences. New console mandatory install requires Internet Connection

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if they're committed they wouldn't have done such a thing in the first place right?

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Yeah, but you have to go online and update to get that single player experience.

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single player games will always be the main gameplay is just an added extra once you complete the single player..

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the cake is a lie

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They really have done a complete 180...

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Microsoft committed to providing offline, single-player experiences on Xbox One....... ooooookkkkkk i compleatley belive you XD

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Keep in mind the day one patch for the Xbox One is basically removing all the single-player-blocking, used game market-restricting, user-screwing features they shipped it with gleefully.

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To quote Anchorman: "... I don't believe you."

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I really like single player games. I enjoy some multiplayer games. But I love games like Demons Souls / Dark Souls that let you seamlessly decide within the experience to make that transition and in an unobtrusive way.

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Microsoft confuses the hell out of me! What are they doing? Microsoft this gen is messing up constantly they don't know what they are doing apparently.

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I give up.

I really don't know which features MS kept, which ones they changed.

What a freaking mess.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> it plays cds..... =D

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i guess we will find out the "features" when it finally comes out.....

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and after the colossal fail of the xbone rollout, we are expected to believe any of this?

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What scares me is that the MS exec is SURPRISED that a single-player, offline game could impress him and hold his attention so.


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<< LINK REMOVED >> It's Windows ME and Vista all over again.

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That's why I'm a big killzone fan. Long live the helghast. Killzone has an awesome series that begs you to finish the game and buy the next 1. Shadowfall takes place 30 years after ISA aka usa detonates a nuke on the capital of HELGAM killing a billion helghast. Helghast will rise again and this time take the war to the ISA with a counter sneak attack 30years later.

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Microsoft committed to providing offline, single-player experiences on Xbox One = xbox 360

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I am honestly tired of all the multiplayer titles. The market is so totally saturated with multiplayer these days that when a good single player game comes along, the market responds in a major way. This is because Single player games can offer experiences that multiplayer titles can not. Think back to those titles where you got to play a character that actually had a major impact on your game world. It is highly likely that you were playing single player for practically all of those.

Games like Mass Effect, The Witcher, Deus Ex Human Revolution, the Fallout Series, Wing Commander series, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, etc. all of these games let the player be the ultimate hero. Your actions alone have a huge impact on the game and are pivotal to the storyline.

But in multiplayer - a dozen or maybe even hundreds more people need to have the same experience that you do. This means your individual actions will never be able to have the same impact on how the games universe changes in a multiplayer game. Because if the first guy came through and truly changed the game world in some major way, then all the players to follow would miss out on that experience.

It is for this reason, I maintain that good single player games are better at what they do than multiplayer can ever be - not everyone can be Neo and save their species from the machine race in multiplayer. But in single player, we all get to be that one special person who truly makes the difference.

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I hate people.

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It's really kind of sad if you even need to say anything like this.

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wtf he smoking? only reason to play games is to pwn noobs

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Hahaha, priceless.

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Still buying it.

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This should really go without saying.

Anyway, bring on more singleplayer rpgs, thanks.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> No, it doesn't go without saying. MS needed to put the word out about the One, did you see the very first line where they originally planned to be online only?

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@TacticaI @isshiah of course. But still having a focus on single player games should still be quite obvious, as it always has been a large part of gaming.

Btw, I didn't say it 'does', I said it 'should'.

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FF games must really go down a bomb at your house then.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> singleplayer RPGS that have a parties. Stop making me solo everything

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<< LINK REMOVED >> There are rpgs with party systems. Maybe you're playing the wrong kind.

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"Although the Xbox One may have originally << LINK REMOVED >>, Microsoft says they’ve always been committed to providing high-quality offline experiences as well."

Does not compute.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> too bad

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I dare the gaming industry to actually make more high production valued, engaging lighthearted poignant games.....where in the blue hell are they?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> blue hell?

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Microsoft : "What, you are claiming this system was supposed to be online only? LOL! Do you suffer from delusions or something? This never happened."

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Tbh, I could care less about multiplayer games. Single player rpgs is where it's at!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Witcher 3 ftw.

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Thank heavens Spencer's now in charge - cause this would NEVER have been said while Mattrick was in charge...

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in my view if you buy x1 it is a vote for games and a vote for companies to put effort in before we hand the money over to them if you buy ps 4 it is a vote for launching consoles with no effort put in what so ever and a vote for just handing your money over to them with out them gibing you a reason to.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The reason to buy a PS4 is for the games it's going to have. Same for the Xbox.

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No you don't choose consoles on games you think they might get later but also might not. You choose the in announced games on and coming to them

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<< LINK REMOVED >> "The announced games on and coming to them". That's what I said. The games it's going to have. Such as Infamous: Second Son, Order: 1886, DrivceClub, or the games that will be announced at E3.

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@jtthegame316 How about voting that they didn't bring anything new to the table in the past year on the 360 where Sony has been pumping out new ips all the way up until October of this year even (don't give me Halo 4 or GoW 4 are anything special)? I will say the 360 was my go to system for majority of this generation, but I cannot deny that they gave up on the 360 way too early. MS even lost their edge in the online portion of the 360. The free gold games have not been that impressive in comparison to the games given to plus members.

So I think I will vote on who I feel has done a better job finishing this generation over one trying to just get my money and forget about it after they have received it.

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What happened this generation is not going to be the same this gen. At least not in the xbox camp. Ms have more studios than ever working on exclusives. Sony will be the same though let ps4 sell with no decent exclusives then when there are no more brand loyalist fools to buy it try and convince real gamers who buy based on games with some games.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> and why is that?

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Because ms putting a lot of effort in here and putting out great exclusives while sony exclusives are pretty weak and all the good ps 4 games are third party and multiplatform.