Microsoft 'committed' to Japan for Xbox One

Xbox executive Don Mattrick says company believes Japan is an "important market" after Xbox 360 wasn't a big hit in the region.


The Xbox 360 has not been a runaway success in Japan, but that doesn't mean Microsoft is shying away from the region with its all-new Xbox One next-generation platform.

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"We're committed to Japan," Microsoft president of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick told OXM during a roundtable discussion recently.

"We continue to build on our partnerships, we continue to build on our offerings for consumers inside of that space," he added.

Mattrick explained that Japan is an "important" market for Microsoft's gaming business and said the company's investment in the region will not slow down.

"We think it's an important market. And we'll continue building on the working investment that we've done over all these years," Mattrick said. "There'll be more news in appropriate ways [for each geographical region], including the content partners, all classes of content, what's been tweaked and what's the same as what we're rolling out in the US."

The Xbox One launches later this year. For more on the platform, check out GameSpot's interview with Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer on used games, always-on rumors, and Kinect. 2.0.

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