Microsoft clarifies Xbox One used game stance

Xbox maker acknowledges "confusion" exists around secondhand games for next-gen platform, doesn't deny fee will be required to play secondhand titles.


Microsoft has clarified its stance on used games as it relates to the Xbox One, the company's next-generation platform.

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Writing on his blog, Microsoft director of Xbox Live programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb acknowledged that some "confusion" over used games on the next-gen platform has arisen today.

"We know there is some confusion around used games on Xbox One and wanted to provide a bit of clarification on exactly what we've confirmed today," Hryb said. "While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail."

"Beyond that, we have not confirmed any specific scenarios."

Earlier today, a Wired report claimed the Xbox One would require secondhand users pay a fee to play used games. Hryb did not deny this in his statement today, saying only that there will be no fee for those who play their games at a friend's house, provided they sign in to their profile.

"Another piece of clarification around playing games at a friend's house--should you choose to play your game at your friend's house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile," he said.

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What I don't get is why people refer to it as the "xbone" if the ps4 has much the same specs and capabilities. It makes no sense. The issue is not the console or its capabilities, but that many people cannot conceive that purchasing, selling and trading games is destined to become a digital process in the years to come. Microsoft has just taken a leep towards this new age and consumers just don't want to accept the change or are just not ready. Personally I don't mind what ms has done and I think ill become used to these changes overtime. In fact, I am bound to purchase the Xbox one. Not because I'm a fanboy, but because it is a great and powerful engine nothing short of the PS4, it has some amazing exclusives, features and most importantly that's what my friends intend to buy. Don't get me wrong, ms does need a few modifications (which are likely being worked on as of now) if they wan't this, internet based, trading and gaming ordeal to be more consumer oriented.

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I don't like the idea of a listening, Watching device. I'll buy a ps4 due to that. It's a deal breaker. # dealwithit.

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Wait gentlemen! Seems we have a product line we still haven't turned to $#1T... the xbox. Bring in the Windows 8 team and get them some help from the Windows 8 phone to boot! we'll remedy that yet!

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I have been gaming since the early eighties on both consoles and pc's. I have spent a huge amount of money on hardware and software in that time, and its people like me that have supported the gaming industry to make it what it is today. Up until the 360 and PS3 I had no real complaints about the industry.

During my ownership of both the 360 and PS3 I have had nothing but complaints. I have had three replacement 360's due to critical hardware failure, when the last replacement failed just out side of guarantee I was told that I would have to pay again for my 5th 360. I have also had two replacement PS3's due to critical hardware failure. As I had spent so much money on games I was pretty much forced to pay again for the consoles. Along with these complaints the industry seems to have abandoned inclusive programming with very limited controller options in most games, especially on PS3. I use legacy sticks layout, this is non existant in most games these days. I will add that I still have most of my old consoles and some pc hardware from long ago and it all still works, more than can be said for the so called next gen!

If Microsoft or Sony persue these predatory business tactics I will abandon console gaming altogether after 20 years and stick with pc's only. Quite frankly this is taking the f***ing piss!!!

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Avatar image for Daemoroth

I don't get why MS had their conference/announcement at all. The only info we got out of it was the damn name - everything else is "Oh, we're not sure yet" or "That's one of the scenarios" and every bloody question is answered with a very long "no comment" PR speak.

Avatar image for charlieholmes

Here's the bottom line. I was edging toward jumping ship to the PS4 two months or so ago with all the announcements and rumors. Well, it looks like all my concerns about MS abandoning gamers have come true, at least in my perspective unfortunately!!! I'm astonished and amazed with the level of restrictive use they're putting on all the pieces of property we pay big money for making it like we don't really own what we thought we owned. The profile issue locked into logging on to Xbox Live is and of itself, is an always on requirement that has and is enslaving us to the mighty corporation even though we bought said pieces of hardware and software.

All of this is bullshit! And if I have to point out the why's to anyone then you've totally missed the point of my argument! Ill give one example only cuz i haven't got all day to waste here: if I take my Cd/DVD in a friends car, or to a friends house, and pop it into their player, do I have to use my profile to listen to it or pay a fee to listen to what I own, no! If you give in and make the next Xbox One even a moderate success then we will have certainly lost some of our freedoms, expectations, and power as consumers and will help to push further restrictions down our throats in the future all in the hunt by corporations for, "mo money and mo money"!

I will be PS 4 exclusive unless they too come out with future announcements that we'll be paying twice for what should only have to pay for once!!! My god, imagine if this catches on and the music and movie industries adopt it for our future devices that play said products! We'll all be going broke or going without, there will be no way around it!

Let's be clear here folks, this path would and will take us down a slippery slope if we were to approve of it and make them successful! This pains me greatly though because I do love the Xbox but I'm going to have to bite the bullet for this next generation simply on principle!

Avatar image for Nasimul

@charlieholmes Good to see that there are sensible people in the gaming industries not just the fan boys. Good Comment, worth reading.

Avatar image for DrewWho26

Not sure if Microsoft has a complete understanding of its customer base... We like to play games and not pay a shit ton for them... I have a 360 and unless they fix their shit storm call the one... then ps4 is the next console for me. Also for all the games i have for the 360... guess they will sit on the shelf until microsoft pulls their head out of their greedy asses and say wait why are all of our profits going down the tube in our video game console area? hmm why.. because you rush shit to the shelf with little thought and them put shit policies in place to piss off costumers and then month after its release reverse the policies and then slowly work them back in... If they are that incompetent then fire their asses and hire some of your gamers...

Avatar image for Nasimul

@DrewWho26 good to read....

Avatar image for DrewWho26

Not sure if Microsoft has a complete understanding of its customer base... We like to play games and not pay a shit ton for them... I have a 360 and unless they fix their shit storm call the one... then ps4 is the next console for me. Also for all the games i have for the 360... guess they will sit on the shelf until microsoft pulls their head out of their greedy asses and say wait why are all of our profits going down the tube in our video game console area? hmm why.. because you rush shit to the shelf with little thought and them put shit policies in place to piss off costumers and then month after its release reverse the policies and then slowly work them back in... If they are that incompetent then fire their asses and hire some of your gamers...

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I have a couple of points would Microsoft or the dev replace the game if it got broke I mean we don't really own it do we it is if we are leasing it from them. also what happens if the cloud data gets wiped or our hardrive breaks does that mean we will have to pay another 49.99 to use what we bought because of a fault on their end and lastly would we now have to sign a contract every time we buy a game stating that Microsoft owns the rights to that game and to re sell the buyer would have to pay a fee and if we don't let the buyer know this info would we be held liable for example ebay would they refund buyers if we don't mention this fee in our listing

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Clarifying what we already understood the first time around. There's fees.

Please 'deal with it respectfully and accept our apologies' is essentially what he's saying. Classic.

Avatar image for Nasimul

@warhawk-geeby DEAL WITH IT ;-)

Avatar image for komuchen

"If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards."

So Microsoft did just that. But the excuse for the step backwards is mindblowingly awesome - only 5% used it. Well, of course only 5% used it, because

a) most of the games didn't work

b) if they worked, there were serious problems with loading or even turning on some games

c) inconsistent resolution

d) console crashes

e) graphical glitches and framerate problems

f)it barely even work and no one has that much patience to play a barely working game

So yeah, that's why it was used only by 5%. I remind you that they are the guys, who "green lit" that vista crap and 2000.

I'm buying PS4, because it is centered more on games and Sony is at least not offensive to the consumer as these assholes are. They can take their VCR and shove right up their asscheeks.

It reminds me of the situations like limited release or one shitty game from Japan to "test" the market and later saying "no one bought it". Or like Wii U, which is better then "xbox one" (great name BTW and I know it will be no 2 [yeah, me luv some cheap weak jokezz and other punchlinezzz r0000xxxrz CoD fans :)]).

Avatar image for 6orange6

The 360 had the red ring of death on its hardware. Now we have the red ring of death for marketing and public relations.

If you have never worked in marketing it is essentially a gamble, like a bet on a sports event. You sink a scary amount of money into advertising and public relations to raise brand awareness and build positive feelings about the brand and your company.

These information vacuums and dodging of questions like sleazy politicians, along with outright insulting of customers with 'deal with it' and 'you are backwards', is nothing short of a train wreck.

Even if they sink 300 million into advertising and PR over the next 12 months, they will still be very lucky to get their reputation back to the neutral level it was at before the next gen even started.

If anyone from MS is reading this website - each time one of you clowns insults the customer base, it is costing your company tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue. For the love of decency stop now.

Avatar image for Ironhorse001

I dumped my 360 shortly after getting it repaired (red ring of death). I didn't like the fact that I was being locked into buying their harddrive. I also didn't like the fact that I couldn't use my Logitech G25 with the 360. I switched over to PS3 and never locked back. Looking forward to PS4.

Instead of complaining about it, do something about it. Don't give them a dime. If Sony does something similar, don't give them a dime either.There is only one language that these companies understand and thats $$$$$. Start talking in their language.

Avatar image for Nasimul

@Ironhorse001 Agreeeeeeeeeeed

Avatar image for rocketsatdawn

I really liked the 360 but having to pay to play with friends eventually pushed me over to the PC. My Xbox spends most of its time collecting dust now. As much as I am for supporting the developers this secondhand fee actually sounds like a complete pain in the ass and a way to squeeze a little more money out of the customers. Accompanied by the fact that the Xbox ones focus seems to be on TV and apps according to the presentation, I think I 'll buy a PS4 this time around. I miss my PS1 and PS2 days. I want a gaming console that focuses on games, not this multitasking, moneygrabbing bullshit.

Avatar image for jxsilicon9

Hooray. Now you get to pay a fee to get online,another fee for games,another fee for used games. Next Microsoft will charge you a fee for touching the controller. See this is what happens when people started defending Microsoft practices of charging for xbox live. Now they think they can do anything.

Avatar image for Nasimul

@jxsilicon9 three months after the launch you will run out of the tiny HDD and Buy a proprietary HDD from MS which costs $300 and five months into the consoles life you get an RROD that wipes out all the data from you HDD. because this is the replacement warranty MS provide. Sounds like a big Déjà Vu

Avatar image for jxsilicon9

LOL! Are they serious? Trying to make someone pay more money for used games. There is just no limit to how greedy these companies have become. Bad enough with Sony's PS vita not being backwards compatible. I'm not buying a system that won't allow me to play used games without a fee. I will just pass and get a ps4.

Avatar image for ConorS79

Everyone, vote with your feet. There is no point in bashing xbox and then going ahead and buying the machine come Christmas time. I owned the original xbox and the 360, (as well as PS3 and Wii). I'm tired of Microsofts greedy tactics, and isolating gamers. They're CORE audience! Things like Internet explorer and netflix behind a paywall. WTF. Paying to play xbox live. WTF, So say you play Battlefield 3 on xbox live, its EA that hosts the multiplayer server not MS. So why do we pay MS £30 per year? Scam

When the last games machine iteration begun, it was around 8-10 years ago. Since then there has been a recession. This generation, i will not be buying all 3 machines. Can't afford it. So i must choose wisely. For me it is between Wii U and PS4. At least they have gamers in mind.

I'll be advising everyone i know to avoid the xbox one. I'll be telling my impressionable young cousin (who loves COD) to avoid.

Let down by the 360. (i bought the 360 on the 1st day, had 4 red rings of death. Bought the HD-Dvd player, which xbox really didn't help. They should have supported it from the start with a built in drive. Hd-dvd is a better format than Blu-ray. Its region free. Enough said.)

Won't bother with the xbox one. Way too greedy.

Avatar image for sa2bmaster

As long as the developers get the money instead of gamestop I'm all for it, but if you have the disc in the drive it should be playable without a fee, but when installing it without disc there should be a fee after the first install.

Avatar image for ScreamDream

If PS4 does the same thing, I'm going PC and Wii U. Welcome back Mario!!

Avatar image for fred-rocha

F#$K PS4, take my money Microsoft!


Avatar image for kyacat

Leta hope Sony doesn't copy this moronic idea from Mircosoft.

Avatar image for katts123

I call it the drone box if has a camera and it invades my privacy it gets shot or not purchased

Avatar image for boom_f15

At least MS has the guts to give a little more info even if it's not what we want to hear. Sony has been cagey at best.

Avatar image for kris1975

f xbox and I am a fanboy

Avatar image for ConorS79

@kris1975 i WAS a fan boy, and i know exactly how you feel. I 100% won't be getting the xbox one. Too greedy in their practices.

Avatar image for blackothh

Microsoft clarifies Xbox One used game stance : We hate you.

Avatar image for jtthegame316

at least they are not blocking used the way i see it is that would of been worst case scenario would have been them blocking them but they are not

Avatar image for blackothh

@jtthegame316 you are easy to please

Avatar image for BamaGoatt

@jtthegame316 so paying a $59.99 fee is ok with you on top of what you pay for your shiny coaster?

Avatar image for jtthegame316

@BamaGoatt @jtthegame316 first of they have not announced how much the fee will be. secondly the fee only applies to second hand and i don't buy used. this is them trying to get people to buy new after all the bitching from publishers like ea.

Avatar image for boom_f15

@BamaGoatt @jtthegame316 Please enlighten me as to where you found out how much the fee will be.

Avatar image for pmamba45


The reason I wouldn't pay them for this practice out weighs the reason I wouldn't pay this for the most rarest of games.

Avatar image for BamaGoatt

@boom_f15 @BamaGoatt @jtthegame316 Phil Harrison vp of Microsoft said It would be the same as retail purchase of a game so $59.99 is the fee.

Avatar image for Glongold

MS wants to compete with Apple, Sony, Nintendo and Google all with this one box. Feels like their trying too.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

What the hell kind of answer is that?! Sounds to me like someone doesn't want to admit they're about to lose a whole lot of fans.

Avatar image for deactivated-584419ec3a052

This fee better be damn small. Bare in mind I'm from England so we use pounds. Sometimes there will be a game that may be £45 new, and a second hand one is £43. Any more than £2 and the used one will cost more than a brand new copy. How is that a logical business decision?

Avatar image for boom_f15

@DamnILoveGames Exactly! So don't worry, the people who will lose out are the 2nd hand retailers not the consumers. They will have to lower their used prices to reflect the added fee or nobody would buy the games.

Avatar image for pmamba45

@boom_f15 @DamnILoveGames

Preferably to one pence/cent if total new price is required. Bad Bad news for trade shops and jobs.

Avatar image for sa2bmaster

@boom_f15 @DamnILoveGames Yep, if the fee is $30 gamestop is going to have to charge $10-15 per game and even then people who don't know there is a fee will return the games. I just hope the developers get the used fee and not Micro$oft.

Avatar image for AlexFili

@DamnILoveGames Some game prices fluctuate madly too. Like Need For Speed on Wii U which has remained in the £40-45 price for a while and Walking Dead Survival Instinct which seems stuck at £25+

Avatar image for deactivated-584419ec3a052

@AlexFili @DamnILoveGames Good point. This isn't going to work unless the price is tailored to how much you initially payed which is impossible considering different retailers sell at different prices.

Avatar image for BamaGoatt

So good news play with your friend but give them access to your credit card info? The government should step in and shut this down credit card fraud promoted by greedy M$

Avatar image for fillup0

Physical media shouldn't have this problem. Boycott them, tell you local trade standard agencies about this, don't stand for it.