Microsoft CEO "Fully on Board With Gaming," Xbox Live Manager Says

Windows 10 is coming to Xbox One next month.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's commitment to gaming is not something to be questioned. That's according to an Xbox Live senior manager, who talked more about his impression of Nadella in a new interview.

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"He is fully on board with gaming," senior global product marketing manager Mike Lavin told Business Insider.

Back in 2014, reports suggested that Microsoft was considering selling off the Xbox division. However, when Nadella was named CEO, he shot down those rumors. "I have no intent to do anything different on Xbox than we are doing today," the executive explained in May 2014.

When Nadella took over as Microsoft CEO, Xbox boss Phil Spencer had nothing but praise for the man. He called him a "good leader, good guy" and said he will be a "great CEO." Spencer added that he expects Nadella to be a "good supporter" of the Xbox team and Microsoft Studios.

Business Insider's full story goes into greater depth regarding how the Xbox One fits into Nadella's overall plan for Microsoft. One part of that is coming soon, as November's New Xbox One Experience update introduces a version of Windows 10 to the console.

As a result, some Xbox One functionality is going to be as much as 50 percent faster. Overall, users can look forward to a "new level of speed and responsiveness" when the update arrives.

During Microsoft's latest quarter, game sales rose a healthy 66 percent, led by Minecraft.

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