Microsoft capping Xbox One Achievement updates

Microsoft will be putting processes in place to limit the number of post-launch Xbox One Achievement updates made available; it is doing so to avoid 'constantly overwhelming' players.


Microsoft will monitor post-launch Achievement updates to ensure that players aren't "constantly overwhelmed" with moving targets, according to a report by OXM.

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The Xbox creator previously announced that developers will be able to add new in-game challenges without needing to include the additional Gamerscore points as part of downloadable content packs. While these can be added on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis as determined by the content creators, Microsoft will be capping the frequency of the updates to avoid player annoyance, according to Xbox Live's principal program manager, Chad Gibson.

"We're mindful of it, and the corollary is that with a lot of games today, three updates later, it's a nice evolution of that game--it's a different game that's been modified and adjusted, based on what people are enjoying and having fun with. And we think that Achievements should match that," he said.

"Especially if a game's been on the market for a while, and they have the opportunity to add all these new Achievements--if you start playing a game a year after it ships, there's probably 2000 Gamerscore to get for that game or more. And so, for the completionists, they're going to have more work to do."

Microsoft will be putting processes in place to ensure that the system isn't abused by those who are in control of how the points are implemented.

"We still have policies for developers to make sure that things don't get out of control. Like, we do not want a game offering 10,000 Gamerscore every day. We still have policies, so that user experiences are rational--users have an opportunity to complete everything without feeling constantly overwhelmed."

"A game developer could just take its Gamerscore budget and just, you know, dole it out every week if they wanted to. But we don't want things to be out of control from a gamer perspective. We don't want people to be constantly overwhelmed with thousands and thousands of things for this game," Gibson said.

Microsoft's next-generation console, the Xbox One, is scheduled to launch this November.

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