Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile phone business for $7.2 billion

€5.4 billion deal for Nokia's devices and services business is expected to conclude in early 2014, and will include the Lumia brand.


Microsoft has bought Nokia's mobile phone business, including the Lumia brand, for €5.4 billion ($7.2 billion/£4.6 billion).

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The deal includes all of Nokia's devices and services business and will see 32 thousand Nokia employees transfer to Microsoft, with 4,700 employees in Finland and 18,300 working on manufacturing, assembly and packaging of Nokia products.The deal is expected to be concluded in early 2014.

Microsoft announced a partnership with Nokia in February 2011, with both companies facing stiff competition in the smartphone market from the likes of Apple, HTC, and Samsung.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who will leave the company in the next 12 months, announced that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will take charge of Microsoft's expanded Devices team, including Xbox One.

Current head of Microsoft's Devices and Studios team, Julie Larson-Green, will continue to run the current Devices and Studios team until Microsoft fully acquires Nokia, and will focus on launching the Xbox One in November this year. Larson-Green will join Elop's team following the acquisition.

"It's a bold step into the future--a win-win for employees, shareholders and consumers of both companies," said Ballmer.

"Bringing these great teams together will accelerate Microsoft's share and profits in phones, and strengthen the overall opportunities for both Microsoft and our partners across our entire family of devices and services."

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I forgot Nokia even existed, but seems like a waste of money on Microsoft's part.

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Sony is worth 21 billion. MS just needs to pay 3x more just to buy Sony and get rid of them.

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And this is a game news because..?

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Weird to think such a big name like Nokia will be forgotten very soon, much like Saturn cars.

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I have a Nokia, a really old one that I intend to keep as long as possible. It's got all I need, calling and texting people. It's also fun to compare it to the latest smart phones as time goes by. I think this is good for the company, but I don't know about where it leaves consumers.

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they are again admitting their demise in the pc realm, not to mention that hardware is important. Oh MS, you just wish you were a hipster.

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Slow gaming news day, did you also here the latest on Syria? we planning on nuking them

Avatar image for Hurvl

@steelmouth But first Obama will visit MY country, Sweden, something that has made many other countries jealous I've heard. No sitting US president has ever been to Sweden just for the sake of visiting our country, so this is historical. Then he'll go to S:t Petersburg for some meeting and then the congress will vote on it and then, and only then, will he decide if the US army will make a (most probably) limited military operation in Syria.

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RIP Nokia, just like Rare.

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I really like WIndows Phone, so I want to see it succeed in the marketplace, even if it's only as a stable third-place player. Hopefully this deal will mean shorter delivery times between phones (e.g. more than one flagship phone per year) with more advanced features on those devices (e.g. quad-core processors or 1080p screens).

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this deal in my eyes was bad because it seems like barely anyone cared about owning a phone with a windows operating system because it came out so fucking late and then you go out and buy the company who only used your operating system the last couple of years anyway so it was a waste. The only way they will probably start making money is to release phones under the nokia brand using android lol and that's fucked up. For instance that phone that has that 41 megapixel camera looks really interesting but it has that windows 8 interface which is a pain in the ass but that same phone using android would be worth the penny if you know what I mean.

Avatar image for Kryptonbornson

@bigtimemad I found Windows Phone's interface better than Android and iOS, it just lacks the apps and features those two have.

If I get turn-by-turn navigation for free, a way to use my phone as a remote, a way to beam my photos and home movies to a TV (Xbox One/360), between either the phone or the Xbox playing Vudu, HBOGo, and a way to play Spotify through A2DP, and I'm good. Good calculator, calendar, and a good app for taking notes. All it has to do besides that is have interesting and useful apps that one might occasionally use.

As far as Android, they've done nothing with Motorola except for the X. I've never even used stock Android. The closest I've come was one phone that still had bloatware and replacement HTC apps and once when I flashed a phone to Cyanbogenmod and then less than 6 months later it inexplicably died.

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There is an option for Nokia enthusiasts with Jolla, started by former Nokia employees.

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Nokia was already deep in bed with Microsoft before this. The only difference this makes is now Microsoft will have direct control over the products that Nokia designs and manufactures, which probably doesn't bode well for Nokia's products.

Nokia's current phones aren't bad, even with Windows Phone, but I just can't imagine Microsoft's stunning lack of creativity doing anything other than stagnating the Nokia brand and turning it into a write-off in a few years.

On the upside, maybe the Nokia guy can actually market the Xbox One properly.

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I couldn't care less. I only buy Samsung phones.

Nokia made solid phones but any kind of respect I had for them is gone now. I don't care who Microsoft buys, I wont buy their phones or tablets because the software they put on them is complete and total shit.

Android for me. Hell, Id rather have an apple product than a Microsoft based phone.

Avatar image for rarson


I couldn't disagree with you more. While I strongly prefer Android, Windows Phone isn't a bad OS, and there's just about nothing I wouldn't rather run on a handheld device than iOS. iOS is by far the biggest piece of shit operating system I've ever had the displeasure of using.

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Well, that went fast for Julie Larson-Green..

I guess her only goal was to get a white Xbox One

Avatar image for Blu3V3nom07

I'm buying a 5.2 inch Surface phone, then.

Avatar image for daviz88

Nokia = mobile KINECT LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for rarson


Bring back the NGage! Sidetalkin' rules!

Avatar image for smirvane

Everyone saw that coming..........

Avatar image for Meta-Gnostic

Xbox One $299 with 2 year plan confirmed.

Avatar image for tomservo51

What's a Nokia?

Avatar image for johnny_pay

@tomservo51 nokia's used to be legendary for being unbreakable

Avatar image for edant79


I'm told its a phone for primitive subhumans who use it to break nuts open.

Avatar image for santinegrete

I don't know why this smells like propetary cables and connectors coming back. Remember those times? what a **** up.

Avatar image for Agronot

@santinegrete They have never left...Apple anyone?

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I hope that WP users will get Nokia's exclusives like Mass Effect : Infiltration...

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I wonder if this means you'll need a Nokia phone, that's always connected to your Xbox One, that's always connected to your Kinect so that MS can watch what you're up to everywhere you go. "sorry, your XB1 will self destruct if you don't take your phone with to the bathroom and check in with your XB1 every 15 minutes"

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finally a broken nokia.

Avatar image for DeViLzzz

I have a Nokia phone .....

It is not a bad little phone but can't play Angry Birds n stuff LOL

Nokia 610 ... not enough ram :O

Avatar image for t3ero2zero

@DeViLzzz but you still got snake .....thats better

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Angry Birds should work on devices that don't have 1GB of RAM.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@FAIL_RETURNETH @DeViLzzz THAT needs at least 1GB to run? who the **** programmed that?!

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@FAIL_RETURNETH @santinegrete @DeViLzzz

On my Nokia phone Angry Birds does NOT work as the 256 MB of ram was not enough.

Avatar image for FAIL_RETURNETH

@santinegrete @FAIL_RETURNETH @DeViLzzz

No, it doesn't. Which is why I'm confused about DeViLzzz comment. Angry Birds works on every Windows Phone device. Angry Birds Star Wars might only be compatible with Windows Phone 8...not sure about that.

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Note to self, never buy anything Nokia.

Avatar image for orbit991

Note to self, don't buy anything Nokia.

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Avatar image for SsangyongKYRON

@wEEman33_IV Actually there was a NGAGE 2.
It's called NGAGE QD.

Avatar image for smirvane

@wEEman33_IV Or the N-BOX???

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SOOOO!!!!!!! This is why M$ will not sell the XBone without the Kinect. That $100.00 is going to be used to buy another spying device for the NSA!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

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This is great news indeed :D

Avatar image for CloWnCircus

Oh Nokia.. if only you had embraced Android.. you kept pushing your Symbian garbage onto us and look where you are now.

Let's hope Microsoft can turn this around but I highly doubt it, they're like apes playing with money.

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Gamespot may I ask you guys a question please? What does this have to do with videogames? You see, I was already aware of this story through your sister website CNET which is the environment for this article. Why is this on this website as well? Can someone please answer that question?

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@bigmikeOK its about MS and MS money which makes Xbox .

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About four years too late.

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