Microsoft announces its free Games with Gold downloads for November

A World of Keflings and Iron Brigade.


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Microsoft has announced that free copies of A World of Keflings and Iron Brigade will be distributed in November as part of its ongoing Games with Gold promotion.

A World of Keflings, Ninjabee's kingdom-crafting adventure, will be available to download for free to Xbox Live Gold members from November 1 through November 15. A World of Keflings will replace Halo 3, which is October's second game.

Double Fine's third-person tower defence title Iron Bridge (formerly Trenched) will take over from November 16 through November 30.

As part of the Games with Gold promotion, Microsoft will give away one free game every two weeks to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The scheme was originally scheduled to last to the end of 2013, but Microsoft has now continued it indefinitely.

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Avatar image for jark888

This month games are far out of the radar. Why not some old games that people are care to play or worth collecting.

Avatar image for DemocraticTroll

Meanwhile we get MGS and remember me at PSN...even though they aren't that great, at least they are better than these and they're NEW!...oh and yeah still enjoying my free FarCry3.

Avatar image for jshipley01eb

I wish they would pick games I don't already own ... So far there's only been one.

Avatar image for awarriorg

Uh oh, my harddrive is filling up fast.

Avatar image for thoraxe313

Well I'm glad these games are free. I can live with out having new games that recently came out as free cause I like to give where credit is due. Sucks that I already have a work of keflings but the other hand ill download and play. All of you guys are in need of a lesson in appreciating with what you have

Avatar image for malokevi

Sweet, I've always wanted to play World of Kefflings. Seems like a good time-killer.

Avatar image for quidditch3

I liked getting halo 3, fable 3, and rainbow six for free but I guess I am going to forgo this month. Why give out a game that no one wants for free, no one is going to get it even if it is free.

Avatar image for themc_7

I appreciated Halo 3 and Rainbow 6, but most of these free titles are not very good. What's the point of giving out free games, if no one wants them? This would be amazing if they were giving out better titles!

Avatar image for sugrim

I hope it is not region lock, i was not able to get both Halo 3 and Rainbow 6. When i contacted MS support they were only apologetic since they could not give any other game in replace of the region locked ones. Never had this problem with PS plus. Come on XBOX you can do better, not getting any reason to put down the PS3 rite now. I am also taking this as a sign of the future therfore XB1 is on the back burner for now.

Avatar image for RJBL

So, where are those happy fools, defending this....thing, saying "At least it's free" !?

Avatar image for Sundberg_man

<< LINK REMOVED >> Then get PS+ ;)

Avatar image for Legolas_Katarn

Poor offerings, as expected, but at least I I finally don't already have the games.

Avatar image for darkrayne

I'm busy playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Remember Me for free from PS Plus at the moment. Is it really rental? Yeh, but I'm gunna have a plus membership for the next 5 years anyway to play online on the PS4. I get to play these GOOD, fairly new games for a very long time as a side bonus to what I'm actually paying for. MS need to step up their game, their included games offer is extremely shit.. it's better than nothing though I suppose.

I'm getting both consoles btw, so this isn't a hate comment.. it's just the truth.

Avatar image for themc_7

<< LINK REMOVED >> remember me is free on PS+ already? didn't that come out a couple months ago? Wow, step it up MS

Avatar image for mrdouglas99

<< LINK REMOVED >> Not quite rental actually, you do get to keep your free games, just can't play them if you take a break from the service. But they will still be there once you re-activate.

Avatar image for inspectercoley

I want deathtank free next so that there are some players online.

Avatar image for Sundberg_man

So in the end they ain't really free after all? Seeing how you still have to pay a Gold subscription to download it.

Avatar image for mrdouglas99

@Sundberg_man Yes and no actually, once downloaded the games are still there on your XBox console and can be played even if you cancel your Gold Subscription. While on the PSN+ you do need to have an active subscription to be able to access your downloaded games. They won't disappear and will still be there to play once you re-activate though.

Avatar image for Sundberg_man

<< LINK REMOVED >> But you still had to pay a subscription fee for atleast a month so technically you paid for it in a sense.

Avatar image for Sundberg_man

Same goes with PS+ ofcourse

Avatar image for bluebird08

MS are too cheap to give they'er subscribers better games, i feel bad for xbox guys, cause they have to deal with microsofts crap.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

<< LINK REMOVED >> their*

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

LMAO, what? Those games even exist?

Avatar image for zyxahn

You guys should make a comment section for children to give the trolls somewhere to post. I have both systems and love the fact that they both are doing this. They aren't going to give the same games. Right now Sony is giving better games and also more games, so. Don't download free games if you don't want them.

Avatar image for berethor099

WOW, talk about shitty games. This "free game" thing is pointless. Only Dead Rising has been the good game so far. AC 2 wasn't too bad but it was a 4 year old game and not even close to being the freshest in the franchise.

Avatar image for xsfseal

<< LINK REMOVED >> One of the best from the Ac franchise though. Besides the sequel brotherhood(imo)which just built upon the game anyway.

Avatar image for Ayebang

Hey Sony fanboys. Xb live never lagged, leaked like pen, sir.

It is more expensive but better.

Avatar image for HowlPendragon

<< LINK REMOVED >> Bitter about your shitty games much?

Meanwhile we get to watch Netflix/YouTube/Hulu and pretty much everything else on the internet without paying an extra $50 or $60

Avatar image for bluebird08

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> even PS4 wont require you to have PS plus to use apps like youtube, where as xbox still will.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

<< LINK REMOVED >> never lagged, wtf are you talking what. What does it even mean? Lagging is due to internet speed and connection quality (ping). Good god, wish I had shotgun and made the world a better place :\

Avatar image for strandny

According to PS blog, NA PS plus members will get following games for free in November.

IMO, the list looks good and it already includes two PS4 games as well.

Resogun (PS4)

Contrast (PS4)

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3)

Binary Domain (PS3)

Ibb & obb (PS3)

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath (PS Vita)


Avatar image for wickedsc300

I like all the Sony ponies talking up their rental service! If I wanted to rent games I would get Gamefly where I can rent exactly the games I want and much newer ones.

Avatar image for tom2750
<< LINK REMOVED >> if I want to rent an internet browser I will go to an internet café thanks Xbot
Avatar image for wickedsc300

@tom2750 @wickedsc300 Internet browser? Grasping at straws huh? I thought you all just cared about games who cars about a browser? lol. As far as games go you rent them, MS gives us games. You know that thing people were bitching about with the XB1? lol. It seems Sony is the one who takes their games away when a service ends hahahaha.

Avatar image for tom2750

<< LINK REMOVED >> can you rent over 60 games a year for only $50 a year? nup didn't think so and atleast we actually get good games and new games youse Xbots get pathetic games its an embarrassment

Avatar image for wickedsc300

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Except we actually GET the games, have fun renting! :)

Avatar image for lordinuyasha21

<< LINK REMOVED >> This is exactly what needs to stop, grow up.

Avatar image for lordinuyasha21

<< LINK REMOVED >> Very well said, thank you.

Avatar image for strandny


I rather prefer renting good games than owning not so good games.

Avatar image for Lhomity

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> And in the end what difference does that make? Can still download and play PS Plus games 10 years from now. All you need is a Plus sub.

Maybe, it's time to grow up and acknowledge the qualities of both services, and stop being a drooling fanboy incessant on bashing one side or the other. Intelligent adults don't sit around gaming websites, engaging in this "my system is better"-"no my system is better!"-"no mine is, nurr nurr" bullshit.