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Microsoft Announces Dungeon Siege II

Microsoft Game Studios announces that a sequel to Gas Powered Games' role-playing game is in development.


Microsoft Game Studios has today announced that the sequel to Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege, which was released last year, is currently in development and is scheduled for release sometime in 2004. Gameplay details for Dungeon Siege II have not been released at this time, but Microsoft stated that a trailer for the game produced using in-game footage will be shown at E3 starting tomorrow.

"At this year's E3 we are showing the first sneak peek of what we have in store with Dungeon Siege II," said Chris Taylor, president of Gas Powered Games. "To emphasize the advances we have made in the RPG genre, we created a very special trailer using the actual in-game rendering engine. The future is here and we are all extremely excited to be a part of it with the announcement of the next title in the Dungeon Siege franchise."

We'll bring you more information on Dungeon Siege II as soon as it becomes available.

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