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Michael Phelps pushing the limit on Kinect

Olympian swimmer set to make console debut this June; development handed off to Blitz Games.


A little over two years ago, 505 Games announced that it was making a game starring Olympic champion Michael Phelps. The publisher went quiet on the subject after that, but the project resurfaced today with 505's confirmation that the Kinect-enabled Michael Phelps - Push the Limit will arrive on the Xbox 360 this June.

But will players be required to flood their living rooms?
But will players be required to flood their living rooms?

505 Games also announced a new developer for Michael Phelps' console debut. Two years ago, the publisher's own LA studio was entrusted with making the game. However, today 505 referred to Blitz Games as the developer for Push the Limit.

Blitz already has some experience working with Microsoft's motion-sensing camera controller, having released The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout at the peripheral's launch last year. Gamers may also recognize Blitz Games as the studio behind Xbox launch title Fuzion Frenzy and a trio of Burger King promotional games for the Xbox and Xbox 360.

Michael Phelps - Push the Limit will cast players as an unknown swimmer working up the rankings in tournaments around the world. While Phelps will assist the player with advice along the way, he'll also serve as a competitor at the culmination of the career mode, an "Annual Games" tournament featuring the best swimmers in the world.

Phelps became a household name in the US after a dominant performance in Beijing's 2008 Olympic Games. The American swimmer won a record eight gold medals at the event, breaking seven world records in the process.

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