Michael Keaton Has Not Watched Any MCU Or DCEU Movies

While defining Batman for a generation, Michael Keaton has not seen any Marvel or DCEU films.


It's been 30 years since Michael Keaton has donned that Batman cape and cowl. Having turned down the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne for a third outing in Batman Forever, it looked as though the Oscar-nominated actor had put his days in the Batcave behind him.

After taking the role of Adrian Toomes/Vulture in the MCU, Keaton now looks to take up the batwings once again in Andy Muschietti's upcoming Flash movie. Keaton teased fans back in February with a photo onset just showing the all-too-familiar silhouette of Batman.

Talking to Variety, Keaton explained it was an easy decision to jump back into the role, but don't expect him to know everything concerning the MCU, much less the DCEU as he hasn't seen them in their entirety.

"I know people don't believe this, that I've never seen an entire version of any of those movies...any Marvel movie, any other," Keaton says. "And I don't say that I don't watch that because I'm highbrow--trust me! It's not that. It's just that there's very little things I watch. I start watching something and think it is great and I watch three episodes, but I have other s*** to do!"

DC's The Flash solo movie has been through the ringer for the last four years. When Andy Muschietti was hired as director in July 2019, the film was slated for release on July 1, 2022, it was then moved up to June 3, 2022. When Warner Bros. shifted its release schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was moved to a November release. It is expected to hit theaters on June 23, 2023. However, there's also the Ezra Miller situation that still has to be answered and if reshoots will need to take place going forward.

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