Michael Bay's Pandemic Thriller Songbird Gets VOD Release Date

The movie is expected to be available for rent from home starting December 11.


Great news for people who just can't get enough of thinking about deadly pandemics: Michael Bay's thriller Songbird, about paranoia and conspiracy in a pandemic-ravaged world, will be skipping the theaters and making a home-entertainment video-on-demand debut starting December 11 according to Variety. The film will reportedly come to streaming services after its premium run, though it isn't yet clear which ones or when--production company STXfilms has reportedly declined to specify on that detail right now.

"The pandemic has affected every aspect of our business, from production to release, but Songbird demonstrates that a nimble studio like STX can find effective and profitable ways to make their movies work," said STXfilms Motion Picture Group chairman Adam Fogelson (via Variety). "The show must go on. Songbird is a thrilling movie that will speak to audiences in this moment as it keeps them on the edge of their seats."

As COVID-19 continues to play itself out and hopefully improve sooner rather than later in the US, it's not a surprise to hear the film is being pitched as "speaking" to audiences. The film has been compared to Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, what's known beyond that so far is that the movie will be set two years into the future where COVID-19 has not dissipated, and instead mutated into a super-virus as COVID-23 that continues to devastate our population--Songbird will show how COVID has evolved to become more efficient at killing us and eventually targeting brain tissue over the next few years. Fun!

Directed and co-written by Adam Mason, the film stars KJ Apa (Riverdale), Jenna Ortega (Scream 5), Craig Robinson (The Office), Sofia Carson (Descendents), Alexandra Daddario (San Andreas), Bradley Whitford (West Wing), and Demi Moore (GJ Jane).

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