Michael B. Jordan On Why Sylvester Stallone Isn't Coming Back For Creed 3

Stallone won't play Rocky Balboa in the next Creed movie, which Jordan will direct and star in.


Creed star Michael B. Jordan has spoken about why Sylvester Stallone isn't appearing in the next boxing series film as Rocky Balboa. Stallone created the Rocky series and co-starred in the previous two Creed movies.

Speaking to IGN, Jordan, who will also direct Creed 3, explained that he wants to focus entirely on Adonis Creed this time round. "I think that Sly let it be known that he wasn't coming back for this one," he said. "But I think, you know, his essence and his spirit… there's always going to be a little bit of Rocky within Adonis.

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"But this is a Creed franchise, and we really want to build this story and this world around him moving forward. So, it's always respect and always a s***-ton of love for what he's built, but we really want to push and navigate Adonis forward and the family that he created. So, hopefully you guys will love what I'm thinking... what we're cooking up. I think it's going to be something special."

Stallone first hinted that he wouldn't return for Creed 3 back in 2018, shortly after Creed 2 was released. More recently, he confirmed the news on Instagram, stating "it will be done, but I won't be in it." Stallone played Balboa in six Rocky movies and two Creed films, as well as writing or co-writing them all except the first Creed.

Creed 3 hits theaters on November 23, 2022. It will be written by Zach Baylin, who has also written the upcoming Will Smith movie King Richard. No other plot or casting details have been revealed yet.

Jordan will next be seen in the Tom Clancy adaptation Without Remorse, which hits Amazon Video on April 30. Jordan plays Navy SEAL John Clark, and the movie also stars Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Guy Pierce. Check out the latest Without Remorse trailer.

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