MGS4 to be PS3-exclusive

Hideo Kojima says he has no plans to bring any Metal Gear Solid game to a non-Sony next-gen platform, but he has high praise for the Xbox 360.


Speaking to Famitsu, Hideo Kojima, the famed game designer, revealed he has no plans to bring the Metal Gear Solid series to any next-generation platform other than Sony's PlayStation 3.

"Metal Gear Solid 4 is only scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 at the current time," he told the Japanese game magazine. "Of course we could port it to other consoles, but doing so would require additional staff and research and development costs. If I were to make games for the Xbox 360 or the [Nintendo] Revolution, I'd rather create original titles that match each console's audience, instead of the Metal Gear Solid series."

When asked about his impressions on the next generation of consoles, Kojima began by saying the PlayStation 3 is setting the technical bar very high. Citing the PS3 trailers shown during Sony's pre-E3 conference, Kojima said only a limited number of developers will be able to make games that actually play in real time with a similar quality of graphics.

On the other hand, Kojima said the Xbox 360 is much more accessible from a development perspective, and he thinks many companies will support the console. He said he couldn't comment on Nintendo's Revolution, since most of its hardware specs are still a mystery, but he's looking forward to whatever surprises it may hold.

"As a developer, I see the three consoles as different kinds of meals," said Kojima. "The PlayStation 3 is a sumptuous feast for special occasions; the Xbox 360 is a fine Sunday dinner; and the Revolution is a rich, home-cooked supper."

Kojima continued telling Famitsu about what the future of gaming holds. "The age when people are intimidated by the transition from 2D to 3D or being able to play [games] online has ended," he said. "This is when our skills [as developers] will begin to get tested. Up until now, game making was like creating sets for movies. We prioritized on [rendering] the visible areas, and the rest was left blank. But no matter how realistic it may be, a set is still a set. So instead of a stage set, I want to make a real world. I'm planning on advancing from realism to naturalism."

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