MGS4 Database sneaks into Europe

Online encyclopedia of all things Solid Snake will stealthily come to the PlayStation Network on June 26.


When Hideo Kojima's highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots had a simultaneous worldwide release on June 12, there was one notable absence for those in Europe. The Metal Gear Solid Database, which was available on June 19 in both Japan and America, could not be found using European accounts on the PlayStation Network.

Whether it was an issue with getting everything translated into all of the European languages, or some other glitch, Konami's not saying. But it has confirmed that the Database will be coming to Europe this week on June 26.

Contrary to the name, the MGS4 Database does not just have info for the latest Solid Snake game, but instead is an archive of all characters, weapons, and plotlines starting from the first Metal Gear in 1987. There are three hubs: GENE (a glossary), MEME (which maps relationships), and SCENE (a timeline). Gamers can also search using keywords.

The database is free to use, but only those who have a saved game for Metal Gear Solid 4 on their PlayStation 3 hard drive will be able to access intel about this game "to avoid spoiling the final adventure." All spoilers have also been blacked out until the game has been completed.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been several years in the making, and is the final game to feature the main character Solid Snake. In Japan, it sold almost 500,000 copies in its first three days on sale. It was the sixth game ever in the history of GameSpot to be given a score of 10; read the full review here.

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Imma pinch your avatar. :D Big Boss is awesome. We need another prequel. Or a remake of the original two Metal Gears. Or both.

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"Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been several years in the making, and is the final game to feature the main character Solid Snake." this means we will be able to use Big Boss in the next MGS games ^_^

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The Database is now up on the EU store. 77MB download so it'll only take a little while to get. :D This should be interesting.

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kavadias, A DS3 is a short word for Dualshock3, I thought it could be taken for granted, nowadays... but maybe I have been a little superficial...sorry! Also: I am not a native english speaker, I just try my best. On topic: I did not say Sony should discontinue the 40g model, I just think the Euro consumers deserve the opportunity to choose the high-end model exactly like the American ones. You say it wouldn't sell... but the more expensive MGS4 bundles went sold out in few hours in America and I don't think it would be that different over here... after all it's an item you just buy once and it's better to add some more bucks to it at the beginning and get the best model...IMHO! Respect!

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Hey Europe matters just as much as we do!!!!! Just a shame that only owners can acces it

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@Stormswinger - do you realise how expensive it would be? It wouldn't sell. The 40g PS3 is just fine as it is. And what the hell is a DS3? Talk English man!

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Very good! Now Sony stop b#%=§ing with EU and give us a goddam 80g SKU with all the connected cool features bundled with a DS3 and I swear I'll buy it on day one, dammit!!! Respect!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Im waiting to get my hands on this game and play it.

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the mgs series...the doubt

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Cool. Nice to finally have it all in one place.

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better than never. It'll help me do some recapping.

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From someone who never really played through the first two games (the old nintendo ones), the database was quite useful story-wise. Also cleared up some things that i didn't quite understand. I think it was very good of kojima to do this. Though my friends aren't interested in the game itself, they do ask me all the time to explain it. I tell them it's too much to explain, and maybe now after looking at the database they'll see why =P

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So good of Kojima to bring us this database. MGS4 is the beast !

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I've waited for this since MGS4 got released...can't wait for the database to come.

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I downloaded it and its pretty interesting i never played the old nintendo mgs games but it explained them in detail its pretty informative

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Same here, datniccah187. Anyway, the database is definitely a good thing to have alongside MGS4, for those that get lost in its many twists and turns, but also for those of us that want to learn a bit more about the saga. It even fills in some of the holes that I've seen many nitpick about.

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mgs4 is the best game this gen.

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There are gonna be a lot of 10s due to the fact gamespot changed their rating system to .5 or whole numbers, but mgs 4 did deserve the 10.

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its good thing for mgs 4 to have a database.

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Sounds about right. Usually companies have to translate manuals into 4 different languages for the Euro market: Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

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I love checking out the stories and timelines of the MGS series. Always learn something new when I do.

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@ nnn2004: Learn how to spell. Then maybe folk might actually take you semi-seriously.

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I am playing the original MGS right now and I can't wait to read it after I am done with these first three games.

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About damn time. I don't know what reason they had for the delay but they could at least have told us it WAS in fact coming. Ah well we'll be enriched with knowledge and i'm not one that bites the hand that feeds me. Way to go Konami/Kojima productions, keep up the great work.

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great news i will download it as soon as it hit PSN store

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A great add-on to MGS4, finally available to European PS3 owners... I'm all with you guys, the delays you have to contend with suck, and you deserve simultaneous releases... But On the other hand you got the new PS3 Civilisation a month before us... At least it didn't take them more than a week to make it available to you guys... Still they should be more prepared...

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if u dont like the word ( issue ) guys i will not write it.

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Well you're embarrassing yourself for one, nnn2004. p.s. There is an edit option under the "select an action" tab.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Well done gamespot hope you will give killzone 2 the same score.

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@nnn2004: You really should just stop.

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also know that .. IAM NOT A FANBOY its just simple ho ever give me better service i go with it.

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wait everyone i dont mean anything bad. i only want to say sony delay too much thats all ..... wow -24 plz mercy.

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Why does the European playstation network take so long to get stuff? We don't even have Echochrome yet.

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This is a great add-on that Konami did, proving that they know exactly what fans of the Metal Gear series want out of its games. Metal Gear Solid Online, however, that's a different story...

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konami is the best , and btw , iono why dont u guyz form multiple accounts like i do , i have us / eu / jp accounts , to get the best of all worlds :P , but seriously , this is awsome news

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thank u konami, i need this soo bad . ive played all the games but i never really understood the plot as i was really young when i played them. i cant remember anything. thank you

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This Database is amazing, so much info that my fragile brain is about to blow.

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@ nnn2004 Since when is a free database an issue? And if you come here saying that PS3 sucks then X360 must be made of trash! X360 doesn't even have blu-ray disc! Oh, and by the way, learn how to write!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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yay thats good and don't listen to nnn2004 his a blind fanboy, mgs4 sold 1.4 million worldwide on its first day so thats good, atleast i can download database and look at mgs4 plotline, charaters now

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it'll be an interesting read

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Nice! The US database couldn't find my saved data. Damn region locks! :/

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holy crap nnn2004 learn to type

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@nnn2004 "the ps3 issues follow the game even after its release." didn't know a free database was such an issue for you. are you used to paying for everything (Live)?

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etramleinad12 i dont see one good thing from ps3 until now we only see issues and dont tell me mgs4 is a good thing from ps3 cuz sony dont make this game but its rune it with there console.

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