MGS Rising PS3, PC-bound, new PSP MGS revealed?

E3 2009: Industry-standard press release service lists just-announced Xbox 360 game as also coming to Sony's console, Windows system; [UPDATE] Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker due 2010, Rising confirmed as multiplatform.


LOS ANGELES--Today at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference, one of the biggest news items was the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Rising for the Xbox 360. As teased by designer Hideo Kojima during his Game Developers Conference keynote address, the all-new game will star Raiden, the acrobatic supporting character of Metal Gear Solid 4 and star of Metal Gear Solid 2.

Coming to a PC and PS3 near you?
Coming to a PC and PS3 near you?

However, no sooner was the game revealed than confusion set in about what platforms it was being released for. It was revealed during the portion of the Microsoft press conference that corporate vice president John Schappert said was reserved for Xbox 360 console exclusives. However, the product page on Games Press--the UK-based press-release service relied upon by much of the games industry--is listing the game as coming to the PC and PlayStation 3 with a "TBA" launch date.

Unfortunately, Konami's ambiguously worded announcement of the game doesn't clarify the situation. It only describes MGS: Rising as "the first Metal Gear Solid game to launch on the Xbox 360." No mention is made of exclusivity of any kind, timed or not.

Adding to the Metal Gear Solid rumor gumbo is another Games Press listing for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP. Other than a wide-open 2010 release date, no other information is listed about the game, which could possibly be the subject of a second teaser site put up by Konami.

As of press time, Konami reps had not responded to requests for comment on either game. However, earlier today, Games Press was also the source of the premature announcement of Crysis 2 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

[UPDATE] Turns out Games Press was spot-on in terms of the new PSP title. At Sony's E3 press conference Tuesday morning, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was confirmed. The game is set in the 1970s, 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3. "It's a true sequel to the MGS franchise," Hideo Kojima announced at the event. Solid Snake will return in the game, which is set in Latin America and involves some more jungle stealth action. The game is due in 2010.

[UPDATE 2] Metal Gear Rising was confirmed for the PS3 and PC at Konami's E3 Press Conference.

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personaly i think that mgs should stay on playstation formats because i don't see gears of war or halo with ps3 written down the side, do u??? and i don't care if u call me a fanboy cus i've been with mgs since the first one when i was 5 :] i don't feel right seeing raiden on a green game cover. 360 is gunnu disgrace konami. they might need 2 discs 4 risising and it'll still crash 10 times

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well, thanks, microsoft, you just have to get money, don't matter what u do, huh? taking games and sharing exclusives from us sometimes, and ruin an amazing franchise for us customers, huh?... well, i hope ur happy with ur products, cause vista suks, and PAINT, yeah, PAINT crashed when i was making only 1 sprite. OH, YEAH, AND RROD!!!!

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50gb reduced to 9gb unless its multdisk.

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sunny did mention mgs rising at the end of mgs4

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Would you fanboys give it a rest, geez! So what if a game is exclusive or not? if you have a PS3, get it for PS3! If you have an XBOX360, then get it for that! If a game IS exclusive and you want to play it that badly, get that system. It seems every game i read about has PS3 and 360 owners talking about how much the other sucks. I have both because theyre both great systems. and MGS is a great game that will be out for both. What differences does it make??

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what peace walker all about? a sequel or a whole separate concept? I see 4 snakes are they big boss, solid , liquid and solidus?

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Microsoft is raping ps3 for anything and everything lol. Stop fighting for consoles and get both already damn.

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@blaze_adeel. all ps3 fans would kill for MGS not to be an xbox exlusive. any true ps3 fan loves that game and really wants it to be on the ps3. so i think they deserve to fight and yell at 360 for taking away a sequal to one of the greatest games ever made (

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i cannot believe ppl r still jealous/fighting over the consoles !!!!games r made so that every body can play and have fun. it not about being exclusive or multiplatform it abt having fun!!!

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Hey stop dissing Microsoft. Xbox kicks a$$ so put that in your pipe and smoke it Sony people.

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MGS everywhere now :(

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gonna be worse than mgs4 because xbox hav a rubbish disc

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microsoft r dumb asses thinking its an exclusive

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Wow talking about raining on someones parade.

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How could Microsoft announce Metal Gear Solid as an exclusive at e3 2009 if it wasn't an exclusive??? Are the execs at microsoft that disconnected from reality and their own company that they didn't know??? Morons!!!

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This game is going to be really epic I can't wait to get it. But to bad that we are not playing as Solid Snake.

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when kojima said that mgs rising will be the first mgs game to launch on 360 i think he meant tht it would be the first to be simultaneously releasd with the ps3 copy bcaue it says tht i will also be on ps3

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gamespot was once the best game-reviewing site, probably still is, but its getting worse with all u fanboys, ps3 sucks, 360 sucks, wii sucks, DS sucks, PSP sucks, who gives a damn what you think? i bought my console and i love it, i love my ps3, i love playing 360, and wiis also, stop flaming each other please

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this website is lame, im going to start migrating over to g4 for my news and ign for my reviews. bring on the flame xbot ms owned gamspot

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Multiplatfirm Sh.T this is PS game only and kojima, any other than that is BS.And DVD Limited. MGS4 Barely fit on Blue-Ray. And the cutscenes are the point of the game.

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I personally love all the rhetoric coming from the XBot fanboys about how the Rising series is probably better off without Kojima deeply involved because "there will probably be less cutscenes." I figured that since the new series was multiplatform you guys would be a little kinder to Kojima and the MGS franchise. While there is a lot of bi-consoleship going on here (which is good) there are still a couple of nancies stinking it up. Now I just got done with a five day suspension (5 seperate offenses) for emasculating a few xbots (you know who you are:) and since Gamespot obviously has stock in MS (because the XBOTS never get banned) and I'll probably get banned for saying this... but... of course there will be less cutscenes... how many of those do you think will fit on a DVD anyway :) ?

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congrats 360 owners, im a ps3 owner, i don't mind it being on the 360, what really matters is that a new mgs is coming, and thank god it isn't 360 only, PC fans its coming too! =D expect MGS5, it will be PS3-only since its the main story of the MGS series, 360/PC fans enjoy this one, and u effing fanboys should be banned of gamespot, we are here to enjoy games, not flame each other

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@uninformed ignorants: Pioneer is developing a 400GB Blu-ray disc that has 16 layers and every old and new BD player including the PS3 will be able to play it...they have already confirmed that the 16 layer BD disc is possible and now they're working on a 1TB BD disc which is something no one else has attempted before, so quit exagerating that samsung and M$ are developing such a thing that is totally not true.

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@ Tor Thorsen Solid Snake was born in 1972....

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i saw the video of MGSPW and it looks awesome, but i have a bad feeling that... IT WON'T WORK WITH OLDER PSPs!!!!!!

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Im sorry but i truly think mgs should of ended in mgs 4

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hoooray for PC :D

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it would be great if this comes for PC.

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@ infonseia lol i posted the same topic in the mgs 4 boards and got my ass brunt off in the resulting flames and baby rages.

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There can't be a 360 exclusive MGS, to what fanbase who he be developing? Anyway, making a series that grew on another platform, such as the PS3 and PS2, exclusive to the 360, would be like making the next Halo (think Halo Reach) exclusive to the PS3.

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@shaun_mcwayne Where did you hear that about a 12TB size disc??? And last time I was doing some research Blu-Ray had gotten upto 100GB in size so far that was around Sept last year. And you'd think Microsoft would have used HD-DVD for it's next format due to the money they lost or used it in the dam 1st place instead of DVD9. Who know whats going to be the best storage medium in a few years time when the next gen consoles arrive for all we know Microsoft may look at digital downloads and not even have a external storage medium.

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MGS for 360???MGS 4 used dual layer blu-ray (50GB) which is 4.6 larger then DVD 9, kojima will have a problem to fit 50 GB in to a DVD.

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MGS r the BEST GAMES u can play better than CRAPPY gears of war

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Odd how people hyped up Raiden's appearance and role for MGS4 but now he apparently sucks again. I guess for some people Raiden went out of style... ...Sony Style (TM).

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hmmm... MGS Rising, eh? I'm still pissed the 4 never came to the 360. And the sequel to Snake Eater going to a damn handheld.... Yeah, I'm about to give up on this series.....

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microsoft and samsung are devloping a 12tb disk that can store every ps3 game available in one disk, move over bluray gaming let the big boys play. might not see this till the 720 comes aka project pulse. and while sony stick to there 10 year life crap i want new tech new ideas. microsoft know hardcore pc gamers will spend cash every year updating their pcs which means we will spend cash on a new console with backward compatabilty.

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i wanna pc version

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well konami said they were working on a 360 exclusive... idk maybe its just me

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I wish Konami would become more diverse... give me ZoE.

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I am a PC gamer. Even I struggle now to believe any game a long way off will be on PC. I just wait and see - and hope. Otherwise I would be disappointed much more often than pleased - such is the life of a PC gamer nowadays!

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@ mishary85 Doubit it, it's a product owned by Sony, However it's good that MGS is being spread to the Xbox 360. More Sales = More Money, More money = better games from Konami

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@mishary85 and yes mum could marry johneey depp it could happen :3

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"The game is set in the 1970s, 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3"..... "Solid Snake will return in the game" - who else has a problem with this? Solid Snake was only 'born' in the 70s...its Big Boss i think they mean....

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next god of war 3 exclusive to xbox 360 :) ?( it could happen )

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King-Tolga- says "u really think Kojima will sell out countless TRUE fans of the series.." i never understand this idea of loyalty and betrayal some gamers have about this industry. even if kojima did produce a mgs exclusive 360 game, that wouldnt mean he sold out.

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FLYEboi50 says "wtf happened to Raiden's lower jaw!? must suck havin no bottom lip." having no bottom lip also makes it difficult ... to suck. ;-)

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there is also a reference, talking about the power of the PS3..but i can't be bothered to find it just search for it yourselves..

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peacewalker is a must buy so is crysis 2