MGM's E3 Lineup

PC and PlayStation action titles dominate MGM Interactive's list of games to be shown at E3.


MGM Interactive today announced what games it will be showcasing at E3. The lineup includes Return Fire II and three original games - Rollerball, War Games, and Machine Hunter. In addition, the company is also adding two titles to its Family Entertainment line - The All Dogs Go to Heaven Activity Center and Babes in Toyland.

Return Fire II is the sequel to Silent Software's original cross-platform hit. Multiplayer options and a huge number of new weapons and battle scenarios complement the game's addictive gameplay. Return Fire II will be available for PC and PlayStation in the fourth quarter of '97.

Rollerball is based on the sci-fi classic of the same name. The game rolls all the strategy of today's most popular team sports and the action of a demolition derby and kick-boxing match into one. Set in 2098, the game has players managing teams from around the world. Teams are made up of strikers, enforcers, and others who will do anything to score a goal. Mutliplayer LAN play and two-player split-screen options truly make the game a team battle. The game will ship in the first quarter of 1998 for the PC and PlayStation.

WarGames takes the action of the movie and puts it into game form. The gamer plays a hacker who has infiltrated the nation's military defense system. Available in the fourth quarter for the PC and in the first quarter of 1998 for the PlayStation, the game also features multiplayer, LAN, modem, and Internet play.

In Machine Hunter, developed by Eurocom for the PC and PlayStation, the player is the lone human in a battle against mechanized invaders. Armed with a huge arsenal of weaponry, the gamer takes on the droids - and each time he is successful he assumes the defeated droid's characteristics. Machine Hunter will be available in late August.

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