Mewtwo Is Pokemon Go's Next Legendary, And It'll Be Tough To Catch

Exclusive Raid Battles require an invite to take part.


Another Legendary is on the way to Pokemon Go. Players will soon have the opportunity to catch Mewtwo, but doing so won't be quite as simple as with previous Legendaries.

Mewtwo was unlocked following its successful capture at a Pokemon Go Stadium event in Japan. It's now coming to the game around the world as part of a new feature called Exclusive Raid Battles. These will "periodically appear" at Gyms and play out like the Raids that are already available, except you'll now need an invitation in order to take part.

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To get your hands on an invite, you'll need to have completed a Raid "recently" at the same location where the Exclusive Raid Battle is being held. It's unclear exactly how much time will elapse between the end of a standard Raid and the launch of an Exclusive, but developer Niantic says the victors will have "advance warning." This is meant to provide "ample time to coordinate with other trainers."

Mewtwo will launch through Exclusive Raids in the "coming weeks," but "other powerful Pokemon" may hatch from Raid Eggs in the near future, too, Niantic teased. There's no word yet on which ones they might be; the game has recently seen the debut of several Legendary birds, including Zapdos most recently. Players in Japan are also able to find the game's next Shiny Pokemon.

If you've yet to catch one or simply missed out on what you were looking for, all four Legendaries released so far--Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia--will be available again. They'll be catchable through Raid Battles from today through August 31.

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