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Mew, Dodrio, And Scizor Are Coming To Pokemon Unite In September

Pokemon Unite's first anniversary celebrations continue.


Pokemon Unite is getting three new champions in September: Mew, Dodrio, and Scizor. Their release dates will be staggered across the month. Mew will arrive first on September 9, Dodrio on September 14, and Scizor on September 28.

Mew is a ranged attacker and has more learnable moves than other Pokemon. Uniquely, it can also forget and learn moves again during battle--something other units can't. Usually, when you select a skill for a Pokemon, the Pokemon can't change it mid-battle. To get Mew, players will need to collect mural fragments. How these fragments are earned is currently unknown.

Accompanying Mew is a new map called Theia Sky Ruins Unearthed. It's a floating arena with Legendary Pokemon to fight and will also host Legacy Trainer Showdowns--a new feature where players can fight against Trainers from various Pokemon titles, including Raihan and Leon from Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as Korrina from Pokemon X and Y. All ranked and standard matches will be moved to Theia Sky Ruins starting September 2.

Though a lot of the excitement is focused on Mew--an iconic character--Dodrio is a surprising choice that a lot of players say they're highly anticipating. Dodrio only got a few seconds in the trailer, but from the scant seconds, it looks like Dodrio might be a Speedster.

If you haven't already obtained Pokemon Unite's first anniversary goodies, you can log in now and get free licenses and holowear.

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