Metroid: Zero Mission Comes to Wii U Tomorrow

Metroid: Zero Mission is a retelling of the original Metroid.


Metroid fans might be tapping their feet for a proper entry in the action-adventure series, but those wanting to play one of Samus' adventures on the Wii U will only have to wait another day. The Game Boy Advance's Metroid: Zero Mission hits the North American Wii U eShop tomorrow.

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Originally released in 2004, Metroid: Zero Mission was an enhanced remake of the original Metroid on the NES. It retells the story of Samus Aran's first mission, while featuring Super Metroid-like gameplay.

The description on the game's page reads as follows:

"Space bounty hunter Samus Aran is sent on a lone mission to infiltrate the fortified planet of Zebes. Traverse through the mazelike base of operations for the Space Pirates, gaining access to powerful upgrades and items for your weapons and suit. Locate Mother Brain, and put a stop to the replication of Metroids!"

Zero Mission came out on the United Kingdom Wii U eShop last year in March. There is no news of it coming to the 3DS.

Metroid: Zero Mission will be available on January 14 for $7.99.

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