Metroid: Samus Returns Has Dope Reversible Box Art

Throwing it back.


Metroid: Samus Returns is a reimagining of the 1991 Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus, and it launches in a couple weeks. However, copies have already begun making their way to reviewers, and it was discovered today that Nintendo has included a pretty cool throwback to the original game on the game's special edition's box art.

First posted by GameXplain's Andre Segers, the box art for the Collector's Edition is reversible. On the back is the box art for the original Game Boy game, including all of the details down to the "Official Game Boy Game Pak" seal. There's even the back-of-box description and screenshots.

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You can see a picture of GameSpot's own copy of the game above. It's always cool to see companies include references and tributes to their old games like this, especially for something as beloved as Metroid II. The Special Edition costs $50--$10 more than the standard edition--and includes a CD with 25 songs from the Metroid series.

Samus Returns features a significantly overhauled art style, but it's not just a remaster. It also includes some substantial gameplay tweaks, such as the addition of Aeion abilities. Two new Metroid Amiibo figures are launching with the game which give access to an art gallery and a more challenging Fusion mode.

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I know you're close to Berkley, being in San Francisco, & they've become synonymous with silencing people, but please continue to name articles as you see fit. There is nothing wrong with this title, unlike the comments would have you believe. As you know if you read them from time to time, many of them are nonsensical posts from people with seemingly no concerns, who have way too much time on their hands. Even the legitimate criticism shouldn't make you change your titles (unless it was factually incorrect).

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...Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down...

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Dunno what's more sad... Alex's article title, or the fact that it took 13 years for Nintendo to finally release a 2D Metroid, only for it to not only be a remake, but part of its development outsourced.

I think I'll go with the former.

On topic: that IS a cool reversible cover, though.

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@Drkr_Zen: They also got out of making anything creative for the $10 CD edition's reverse cover. They just blew up the old cover. That would be cool if it was in addition to, not instead of. Glad I didn't waste that $10.

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Maybe if they added a hashtag to the dope... hm... nah.

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like, omg.. did you just use the word “dope”? thats like, so 2012…omg. i just can’t….

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Just.. no.. just stop saying dope. You tried it once, you branched out, that's fine, but it didn't work. Just.. no more of that.

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"Dope" lol... What a lame title for this post.

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Not gonna lie, that's actually really cool and creative.

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Do you need an amiibo for this box art?

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so we can smoke the artwork nice bonus from nintendo lol

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... Dope... Really?

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@nikolaculpa: right? I would say it's wicked or radical, but not dope.

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@The_Inebriator: Totally tubular brah...

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@bryanweary: It's both bodacious and boss, yo.

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@The_Inebriator: Those adjectives are more relevant than Dope is. I guess they're going for a 1993 feel with the retro reversible cover, but come on...

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Everything is reversible if you have a knife and lots of tape. Even I'm reversible