Metroid Prime Trilogy Out Now on Wii U

Retro Studios' defining series on offer at half price for first week.


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The acclaimed Metroid Prime Trilogy is now available on Wii U across Europe and North America, and for the first week Nintendo is offering the digital re-release at half price.

The Retro Studios-developed first person adventure games, the first of which GameSpot described as "not just one of the single most atmospheric games ever created, but it's also quite simply one of the best," is available for $10 in the US and £9 in the UK. Next week the trilogy will return to its usual listing price of $20 and £18.

This offer marks the third re-release of Wii games on Nintendo's Wii U platform, following the listings of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Punch-Out.

While Wii game discs can play on the Wii U, users need to enter the console's emulator in order to play them. These re-releases remove that barrier, and also offer 1080p output.

More re-releases are in the pipeline, such as the Wii edition of Sin and Punishment. A Wii Remote and Nunchuk is required to play.

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