Metroid Prime: Hunters site activated

Get the skinny on Samus' bounty-hunting rivals on Nintendo's official site for its upcoming DS shooter.


Metroid Prime: Hunters

When the Nintendo DS shipped in November of 2004, it came with a playable demo of Metroid Prime: Hunters. Now, some 15 months after first being able to get their hands on it, DS-owning Metroid fans are less than a month away from the game's expected release date. To help them pass the time until the game's release (or make it that much more agonizing), Nintendo has put up an official Web site for the long-anticipated game.

In addition to basics about the game's features, the site also includes plenty of information and video clips on the seven game modes playable in Hunters, as well as its assortment of rival bounty hunters. Samus is no longer the only game in the galaxy when it comes to bounty hunting, as she'll have to compete with six alien adversaries this time around. The site contains video clips and biographies for each of the hunters, as well as currently inactive sections for the top five Wi-Fi bounty hunters and each character's popularity in wireless online battles.

Metroid Prime: Hunters has been rated T for Teen and will retail for $34.99 when it goes on sale next month.

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