Metroid Prime 4 Is Still Being Worked On, Job Postings Remind Us

Samus Aran's next adventure is still coming... eventually.


Metroid Prime 4 was announced several years ago with a logo and nothing else, and after development was handed off to Retro Studios, we've heard almost nothing. However, a recent job posting does indicate that the game is still in active development--but not when we'll get to play it.

In a post on Twitter, Retro Studios shared that positions are available at the Texas-based developer for a tools engineer as well as a technology engineer.

Those are far from the only listed positions at Retro Studios, however, with concept artist, environment designer, environment artist, and several other positions also available. It's worth noting that the positions don't actually mention Metroid (outside of the two the studio pointed to on Twitter) meaning it's possible they are for other games. Other developers have made similar calls for designers and artists recently, including IO with its Bond game and Blizzard with its survival game.

Prior to Retro Studios taking over development, which was essentially restarted, Metroid Prime 4 had reportedly been in the works at Bandai Namco. In the meantime, players have gotten a pretty darn good substitute in the form of Metroid Dread. Still, there's nothing quite like Samus' first-person adventures.

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