Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Final Hands-On - Grappling Hooks, Scanning, and Boss Fights

We take a final look at the newest adventure of Samus the bounty hunter.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption may be due for retail release next week, but we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the game this week for one last look. During our exploration, Samus managed to battle a fire-spewing monster in freefall, play cat and mouse with a sharp-beaked pterodactyl, and fall into a month-long coma. Considering all that happens in just a few hours of gameplay, you can see why we're excited to get our hands on the final version.

Truer words were never spoken.
Truer words were never spoken.

The first thing we noticed in our time with Corruption was how often you will interact with other friendly characters. We also noticed that there is a lot of speech. In the past, the series has kept Samus on her own, letting the story come together as a result of her mostly solitary exploration. But in the early levels of Corruption, you will receive mission briefings from friendly characters in full speech and even be joined by them in various capacities. It's a lot less lonely this time around, but the gameplay doesn't seem to have suffered.

That isn't to say you won't get plenty of private time. As in previous Metroid Prime games, you will scan objects to receive information about your surroundings. To do so, you need to switch from your combat visor to your scan visor, which is a simple matter of holding the minus button and choosing the needed visor from a radial menu. Once you have flipped visors, you can target objects and hold down the Z button on the Nunchuk to scan them. We didn't just experiment with the scan and combat visors either. Another visor lets you summon your ship to preset locations, where you can then save your game or fly to other destinations.

On our first mission, we had to protect a besieged planet from a pirate attack. This served as an intense introduction to the game's controls and mechanics. Samus is equipped with her standard arm cannon, and to aim, you simply use the Wii Remote to target your foe with the onscreen reticle. Using the default control scheme, you can freely move the reticle around the screen in this manner, but to turn, you must move your sights all the way to the edge of the screen. This occasionally made for some inconsistent turning. There are other control schemes available however, which allow you to adjust how turning is handled. It's also alleviated by the lock-on system. As long as an enemy is close enough--and in your field of vision--you can hold Z to lock on to it, which makes it easier to focus on your target without worrying about keeping it in view. To fire, you press A, or you can charge up a stronger cannon blast by holding the button briefly before releasing.

The grappling hook is handy for puzzles--and in battle.
The grappling hook is handy for puzzles--and in battle.

After a period of fighting space pirates, we checked out the returning morph-ball mechanic. To morph, you press C on the Nunchuk, which turns Samus into a rolling ball--and changes the control scheme. Once morphed, Samus fits in tiny spaces and tight tunnels. For instance, in one puzzle, we morphed and squeezed onto a tiny ledge to avoid walking across a scalding-hot walkway. However, we had to time things just right or the pistons behind the ledge would emerge and fling us onto the floor. Throughout the levels we played, we had to enter security systems and activate nodes in this manner. In one instance, we also had to roll back and forth while activating bombs to avoid the pesky beak of a pecking reptile.

The first level ended with a boss fight we'd seen before. This mechanical monstrosity wasn't a difficult fight, but it was exciting. Once it was over, we moved to the next level, which involved activating generators in the hope of fending off an impending meteor attack. Here, we were introduced to the grappling-hook mechanic. Certain objects can be yanked out of the way. To do so, you target an object and fling the Nunchuk forward, which attaches the hook to your target. To pull it away, you jerk the Nunchuk back toward you. Not only is this useful for environmental puzzles, but you can even use the hook to grab shields from your foes and toss them aside. There were times when the mechanic felt a little loose, but for the most part, it was an exciting way to control the grappler.

Once we'd cleared out the corridors and activated the generators, we were treated to our second boss fight: Meta Ridley. This was a freefall fight, and we excitedly pummeled Ridley with our cannon while avoiding his fire. Once he was defeated, we had to hurriedly activate the final generator. Unfortunately, an attack by a mysterious armored humanoid left Samus--and her allies--down for the count.

Samus still packs one of the meanest arm cannons in the galaxy.
Samus still packs one of the meanest arm cannons in the galaxy.

Once Samus was back in service, we discovered her newest upgrade: the phazon-enhancement device. By holding down the plus button, you can activate a supercharged attack that deals huge damage but only lasts for a short time. Once briefed, we took our ship to the planet of Bryyo, which held the keys to the leviathans, who were injecting viruses into entire planets. Bryyo had a true Metroid feel: It was silent and eerie, with abandoned ships, buzzing creatures that attacked us mercilessly, plus complex jumping and morph-ball puzzles that forced us to explore every bit of the environment.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption looks a lot like its predecessors, both in style and technology. However, everything is a little crisper and more detailed. For a Wii game, it also looks quite nice. The addition of voice acting--and lots of it--also seems fine, but we doubt we'll get a chance to hear Samus herself speak. But we'll find out for sure very soon. Look for our full review of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption next week.

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Hey, i got it the day it came out... Played nonstop, beat it in 5 days. It was an amazing game

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haha!!! gamespot did give it below 8.9!

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WHY GAMESPOT WHY DID U GIVE IT AN 8.5!!! WHY!!!!! U SAID EVERYTHING IS A LITTLE CRISPER (as in better) SO WHY!!!!!?!?! I dont really care bout gamespot's reviews now.... So I'm going to get Metroid Prime 3 Corruption no matter what! Even if i have to beat a little kid up for it! XD

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metoid rocks!!!

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Oh heck yeah!!!

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This is one of the reasons I'm a little apprensious to buy a 360... BioShock and Gears... or Metroid and Paper Mario? D:

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the wii has better graphics then an xbox 1 and every one still complains, i didnt see any one complain at ps1 when n64 was out they complained about 64 more then ps1 and same for ps2 but when nintendo tries to not go to far with graphics its like they killed you or somthing,, nintendo has always had the best games for every system they put out , for example snes, donkey kong country super mario world 1 and 2 super mario rpg top gear 1-3000 nes the legend of zelda mario and dk nintendo 64 guess what i dont care howmany fpses there are now there is not one not one that can come close to goldeneye007 or the original perfect dark except maybe one or two , on game cube zelda ssbm timesplitters 2 and futureperfect(compareable to goldeneye) xbox360 has most of the mediocre titles, lack of splt screen multiplayer and the games that have it are lame anyhow , pdz? quake 4? come on or wwe how lame. the playstation has never until this day had 1-4 player sockets theyve only had 2 you had to go out spend 20-30 $ more plus a controller who the heck wants that, whats that leave us with xbox or gamecube , if you like single player ps2 games then so be it, there is not one console that can come close to the original xbox gamecube n64 wii 360 or snes,

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i would not be suprised if gamespot rated this game below 8.9

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@ wjkflke Dude... you're a total retarded... brummarberra and ah94 nintendo are right, gamecube HAS better graphics than PS2 ¿The proof? RE4, they had to cut down the graphic quality so that it could run in PS2, IT'S A FACT. So stop making $#!% out!

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wjkflke, do you have any idea what you're talking about? First off, how can these graphics make you sick. They're pretty amazing. Secondly, the Gamecube *could* produce better graphics than PS2, so the Wii can easily. Thirdly, what does it matter, this should be one good game. Anyway, I can't wait for this game. I've had it prordered for more than a month. I can't believe it's finally coming tomorrow.

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I have a wii and 360 and the best of both worlds are fine with me.

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Why Oh Why the 2 month delay for a European release. WHY???????

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Ah, trolls. I see lots of xbox and ps3 fanboys trolling wii forums and comments sections. I don't frequent their places a lot so I can't say for sure but I can't imagine comments like "dual analog is so last gen" being posted all over theirs. Is it some kind of inferiority complex gotten from their favorite console not selling as much or getting as much media attention? And the claim that the PS2 has better graphics is just ignorant. PS2 was weaker than gamecube, and Wii is more powerful than gamecube. While it is true that nobody has really tried to utilize the graphic capability of the Wii, that comment still comes off as very uninformed. As for the game this section is supposed to be about, looking forward to it a lot but unfortunately have to wait until october to play it :(

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I cant believe the wii is populer. ive got a 360 and looking at these graphics make me sick. I guess its cheap. this console shouldnt even be a next gen console. ps2 has better graphics

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cant wait im gona by this the day it comes out!

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Dear Jesus don't make this be the last Metroid like Halo... Wii just started I love how the controls are set and the freedom... I hope nintendo and bungie make a Samus vs. Master Chief... Just like Mario vs. Sonic...

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Neo_gaia, You said all I wanted to say. Good Job.

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Well Nintendo Power gave this a 10/10. I wonder what Gamespot will give this. There WAS A YOUTUBE CLIP saying (yes, it was real.) Samus will remain a mute. This game, Smash Bros Brawl, or Super Mario Galaxy will receive Wii game of the year.

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amen neo_gaia

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This game is going to be game of the year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This game is almost here! I can't wait!

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This game got a 9.5 or 10.

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I can't wait to play that game, it looks great. I like all the metroid series and i know that Retro Studios will do a great piece of art, just like they did with MP1 and MP2.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Final It's almost here!!!! just two days!

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This is gonna be rockin' ! And it only ships on monday it won't be available till tuesday.

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I want this game SO bad, I can hardly wait!

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Looks great. Can't wait til monday.

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8.5 or 9.0

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Umm... For the poeple saying the game will get an 8.8 or a 9.1 or 9.2, Gamespot goes by a half point scale now... Remember!!!!???

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Holy guinea pigs of love, that looks awesome. The speaking text looks like a nice new feature...

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This game deserves to be played with the advanced controls option, any other way is just lame. This game is fantastic on the evidence of the Games Radar 1st hour walkthrough on YouTube.

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I can't wait for next week. Should be interesting to see how GS will rate this and if IGN was talking about them giving it a AA in their Wii-k in Review.

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Advanced control settings anyone ? Watch them give it a bad score because of teh inconsistent turning.

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Guys please!! Don't rely on others to much when such games are coming out. I mean come on, don't let GS tell you what you should play. If you are in the MP series then just check it out and decide by yourself. I did this also with TLOZ TP, I didn't even watched the review and just bought it, and I had a great time. The same il do with Galaxy. Don't let your hopes be ruined by somebody else. And don't rely on numbers to much, especially with tiltes like these.

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I love how some morons went and thumbs-downed my recommendation to read the IGN preview instead. Rabid GameSpot drones at heart, eh? How many of you thumbs-downers bothered to actually read the IGN preview before you made your decision that my word is garbage? I don't care who thumbs-downs it, this preview is TRASH, and the person who typed it should be fired. The whole thing is vague and elaborates on nothing, and by the end, you know just as little as you did before you started reading it. It's a sad state of gaming journalism when this sort of article makes it through the filters and onto a site that's supposed to be reputable. They could have typed "Ya we playd it, it wuz gud" and you'd get the exact same effect. Bah. Hell with it, I'm done.

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I think it'll get 9,1/9,2 by gamespot.

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i can't wait to get this game when it comes out ! GO MP3 !!!

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"For a Wii game, it also looks quite nice" -GameSpot That comment is...better don't say anything. Some people need to be more impartial.

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wish i wanted a Wii...LOVED MP 1 and 2. damn this sucks.....not being able to play/beat this game.

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"halomaster338 WOW MP3 has nice graphics but it is still not as good and halo 3 " What is wrong with you. Halo has never been anything about graphics. Halo 3 still uses an outdated lightmapping system that halo 1 used.

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poobert269...getting an 8.8 is an impossibility with the new rating system.

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who bets it will receive an 8.8? haha just like zelda and paper mario which deserved better

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"The graphics of MP1 and 2 were awesome, if this one is better even slightly, its a big plus. the fact that user response from the players at E3 indicated the game had flawless controls and beautiful environments, together with the fact that this game has been delayed several times (meaning they want to get it perfect before launch) means its a must have for me. It sad how some people think HD graphics = good game. If that were the case, the ps2 wont be kicking the ps3's ass in terms of console sales." Or the Wii's, lol

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This game will freaking rock, and from what i hear the controls are the best console FPS controls ever I CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS!

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The graphics of MP1 and 2 were awesome, if this one is better even slightly, its a big plus. the fact that user response from the players at E3 indicated the game had flawless controls and beautiful environments, together with the fact that this game has been delayed several times (meaning they want to get it perfect before launch) means its a must have for me. It sad how some people think HD graphics = good game. If that were the case, the ps2 wont be kicking the ps3's ass in terms of console sales.

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That sounds like a good preview, but I wouldn't be surprised if the score on the review is skimped.

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metroid in this version become a best FPS thats world ever see

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i'll guess if i liked prime 1&2 i'd like this. too bad, i hated metriod prime 1 & 2.