Metroid: Other M, Sin & Punishment 2 delayed

Nintendo pushes Team Ninja's take on Samus back to August 31, while Treasure shooter sequel slips to June 27; downloadable PhotoDojo, Earthworm Jim, and Bit.Trip Runner also dated.


With the sheer number of release dates Nintendo announced at its February media event in San Francisco, the odds were good that one or two of them would change. The publisher today confirmed that a pair of those titles has been delayed, and unfortunately for gamers, it's two of the most anticipated titles on the Wii release slate: Metroid: Other M and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.

Gamers will have to wait a little longer to get Team Ninja's take on the Metroid series.
Gamers will have to wait a little longer to get Team Ninja's take on the Metroid series.

The Team Ninja-developed Metroid: Other M had been set for June 27, but Nintendo has pushed that date back to August 31. The first original Metroid title to be developed for the Wii, Other M is a sort of amalgamation of the sci-fi action series. The game takes place in 3D, like the Metroid Prime trilogy, but scraps those games' first-person perspective in favor of a third-person view more along the lines of the original NES and Super Nintendo Metroid games.

The June 27 release slot won't be left open, as Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is taking that date, sliding back a few weeks from its previously expected June 7 launch. A sci-fi shooter of a different stripe, Star Successor sees twitch gaming developer Treasure revisit its original Nintendo 64 game from 2000, which didn't see release outside of Japan until Nintendo added it to the Wii's Virtual Console catalog in 2007. Like the original game, Star Successor is an on-rails shooter with cooperative play and an emphasis on massive bosses.

"You got your Sin in my Punishment!" "You got your Punishment in my Sin!"

Nintendo also doled out release dates for a handful of downloadable WiiWare and DSiWare titles today. The camera-compatible fighting game PhotoDojo was confirmed for May 10, with Nintendo offering the game for free for its first month. Starting June 11, gamers will be able to download it for 200 DSi points ($2). A full list of the downloadable release dates follows below.

May 10
Photo Dojo--DSiWare--Nintendo
Earthworm Jim--DSiWare--Gameloft

May 17
Bit.Trip Runner--WiiWare--Aksys Games
Looksley's Line Up--DSiWare--Nintendo
Frogger Returns--DSiWare--Konami

May 24
Metal Torrent--DSiWare--Nintendo

May 31
Hero of Sparta--DSiWare--Gameloft

June 7

June 14
A Kappa's Trail--DSiWare--Nintendo

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