Metroid movie in the works?

The film rights to Nintendo's Metroid series are reportedly sold off.


According to Coming Soon, via a report through Variety, the creators of the films American Pie and Final Destination have purchased the film rights to Nintendo's Metroid series. Warren Zide and Craig Perry, both of whom were producers on those films, are currently searching for writers as well as a director for the project.

We'll post more as it becomes available.

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Metroid would never make a good movie. It would end up worse than that Super Mario brothers abomination that came out in 1993.

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@Tr3vor93 There were some good movie/game joints, like Batman on the NES, even down to X-Men Origins: Wolverine on the PS3 or XBOX.

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it will be better for the game if there is no movie. you know how the games that are based off of movies are, they suck. imagine what kind of crap could happen...

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I hope they don't ruin it! It will be really sad if they do

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Sadly it's not coming out. (Trust me there are a lot of fakes on youtube.) I wish it was real.

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6 years and still no movie;it sucks!!

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It's not the movie AP or the people who made it, its the people making Final Destination!

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what those hacks! I hate comadies....i was hoping that they make it like alien (yeah the original-isolating experience, just like metroid) but...why them! Oh well, at least it's not another PW Anderson movie (avp wasn't scary enough-too much action not enough filler)

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why the people form American Pie going to make a great game to a movie? there better make it great!

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If they do make this movie, then i cant wait!!!

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Oh snap, this can't be good... I mean, from the creators of American Pie??? what the hell!!! I'm not saying that American Pie is bad, is just too diferent from the Metroid Universe. Besides, Samus is a silent protagonist... Hopefully they will never make it.

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Hopefully they don't give us another Super Mario Bros. like movie...

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This was posted in 2003..... I'm not so sure...

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i hope the movie will be good, they better not ruin it.

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Update... JOHN WOO IS GONNA TAKE A SHOT AT METROID !! lol old update. but whatever. jus check out IGN movies

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...... good game, but will be translated to a poor film... i mean come on, makers of American Pie? This is gonna be 1 corny film... if it ever gets released :P

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If they make it out to be a crappy corny movie.. I am burning down any theaters that have it playing and the studio it was created in. I have wanted them to come out with a move for these games for some time and they better not screw it up! Fine! Go to jail and prove that all gamers are violent! >_> Nonetheless, I can't wait for this movie to come out. I've been waiting ever since I've heard this news... what's taking so long for another announcement?

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If they make it out to be a crappy corny movie.. I am burning down any theaters that have it playing and the studio it was created in. I have wanted them to come out with a move for these games for some time and they better not screw it up!

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game_guy2500, good question. But at the same time, why wouldn't they? Maybe he's a retro gamer, just like us. Or maybe he knows a good movie idea when he sees it, and I think it would be a pretty good movie, if they don't screw it up like the producers did to the Mario movie with real people, Resident Evil, and *shudders* BloodRayne

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I hope a movie is made.

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The same reason the director of Rush Hour made Xmen 3.

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wo zomg that was 3 years ago... and it was sopossed to come out last year :shock:

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woo.. that was 3 years ago o.O

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I agree with Warfust, it's been too damn long.

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does anybody really care?

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where is it already?!

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It's been 3 years and we are still waiting....

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Ah sure hope it will not be some comedy.

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Why would the people who made American Pie want to make a Metroid movie?