Metroid movie in limbo

Producer Yoshio Sakamoto shoots down reports that the John Woo adaptation has started production.


In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream magazine, producer Yoshio Sakamoto touched on the subject of the current state of the movie adaptation of Metroid. He said that although John Woo has optioned the movie rights, there are actually no plans at the current time for the movie to begin production.

"There’s been no progress [with the movie]," comments Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto. "There were some misleading reports before the E3 that Metroid’s production was confirmed. But to be accurate, it’s that the company that John Woo works for has gained the rights to negotiate with Nintendo of America to make Metroid into a movie. Metroid’s production hasn’t been officially decided yet, and there’s no release plans for it."

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sucks this movie never got made.

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