Metroid co-creator Sakamoto doesn't want to return to traditional games

Nintendo's Sakamoto doesn't rule out returning to Metroid, but he wants to work on something "completely different and that brings new emotions."


One of the co-creators of Nintendo's long-running Metroid franchise, Yoshio Sakamoto, said in an interview recently that he's not looking to return to making traditional games.

It's hard to get more non-traditional than Sakamoto's recent work on the incredibly quirky social game Tomodachi Life, but in an interview with CVG, Sakamoto responded to a question about whether he planned on returning to the types of games he used to make. "I do not intend to do so," he said. "There might [currently] be various tasks I might be involved in with past series. However, even if so, I would always like to introduce new entertainment and new fun to those series."

He added that while he wanted to "satisfy fans of those series," he also wanted to "create entertainment that's completely different and that brings new emotions."

Sakamoto was director of the Team Ninja developed Metroid: Other M, but his other more recent works have skewed in unique directions. He had producer credits in Rhythm Heaven and various Wario Ware games, as well as a supervisor role on Picross DS.

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"This might be indirect," Sakamoto said, "but if we can make new types of gamers enjoy video games for the first time through Tomodachi Life, then they might eventually become interested in the more conventional games. I think we need to ensure that video games remain attractive to consumers, and in order to do so, new concepts and ideas are important. I would like to challenge myself to do that."

We recently talked with Nintendo's Bill Trinnen about Tomodachi Life (a mash-up of The Sims, Animal Crossing, and crazy fever dreams), which doesn't bear much resemblance to Metroid on the surface, but Sakamoto said, "Although the types of games are different, what I think is the same for each development is the process of deciding which kinds of emotions we should bring to players. ... I think in the end what is most important is hospitality towards consumers. When we develop games we always think, 'What do we have to do to make players happy or satisfied?'"

His comments don't rule out a new more traditional Metroid game from an outside studio in the future, but, it does show the series co-creator wants to keep working on new games with a broad appeal. But what do you think: would you rather have a completely re-imagined Metroid directly from Sakamoto, or something more traditional?

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Looking forward to feel that same excitement that everyone would have around me when changing four batteries and letting the other 4 inside the freezer :D (something like that for those who remember)

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Does anyone here know that he is one of the creators of Metroid, ie without him Metroid could not have existed in it's current form.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> And does that make Other M suck less? No, it doesn't.

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That's perfectly fine with me. I don't want him to come back to Metroid. Not after Other M.

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Well, Other M really made me feel an emotion that I had never felt for a Metroid game before. EXTREME HATE!

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@caitseith LOL, well I liked some parts of it. When we weren't pixel hunting nor watching a weird internal monologue. She's so badass normally.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> To tell the truth, me too. But at the end (literally at the end) the faults overcame all the good points.

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Metroid Prime U. That's all I want and need. No one liked your shitty take (or crap, more accordingly) you took on the series.

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If you can't make a Metroid game PROPERLY then don't make one at all. Save innovation for a new IP. I want a new Metroid game becaue I want to experience something SIMILAR to the ones I liked, not different.

Zelda A Link Between Worlds did an amazing job at this.

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I would love to see a Metroid that observes the key features of the earlier titles in the series such as verticality, explorative puzzles, the haunting ambience of Super Metroid mixed with Metroid Prime 1, and a nod to a meaningful, extremely well told narrative that isn't a rehash of the origins story. Or maybe it is a total reboot of the origins story. I'd make it 3d, but I'd go with third person and make it a little more adventurey in the exploration/feel department. Have cutscenes, add some well crafter other characters to the story. Create the world with massive geographical landmarks and iconic Chozo ruins, etc. Hot damn, the game I see in my mind is so fly, you'd pay 600$ to play it.

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Metroid Prime U and Metroid Fusion 2 for 3DS please

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Just give us Metroid Prime U .-.

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More Metroid please! (Don't forget that tight ass blue suit.)

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It would be interesting to have an open world Metroid.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That's a joke right? Metroid creates the most interesting genre/world-type in video games, and you want it to go open-world? Have you ever played a Metroid game, or even a Metroidvania game?

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No one cares.

We just want more metroid.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Million times this

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I'd rather Retro be given Metroid on a more permanent basis, and I'm glad Sakamoto's misogyny won't effect the franchise in the future if Other M was his vision for Samus.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm fine with Retro doing metroid, but enough of the FPS, that was fun for a while but it's time we had a full blown 2D console metroid.

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@VenkmanPHD @YukoAsho

Metroid Prime was not an FPS, and it's ridiculous to call it that.

It's like calling Portal an FPS.

Just because it's in first person perspective, and you have a gun-like device on your arm, does not make it an FPS.

The game is 90 percent exploration and action/adventure. With around 10% devoted to combat. And in that combat, you have a lock-on system that makes most of aiming automatic. Aiming is mainly done by controlling your movement to line-up with the enemy- same exact thing as the 2D Metroids. You just point your gun in the vicinity, and jump, strafe while shooting to make sure you hit. And add the fact that alot of combat uses heat-seeking weapons, and morph ball bombs- the combat in the game is definitely not a shooter.

Metroid Prime had everything the 2D Prime games had, just more possibilities and depth given the 3D world.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It was missing a lot of the verticality, though, which granted, is VERY hard to capture in first person well. Jumps also couldn't require as much precision as in a 2d Metroid, for the same reason.... not being able to see your feet or the land immediately under you makes first person precision jumping a pain. Metroid Prime did great with making it feel like an alien landscape. Great atmosphere. I especially loved Phendrana Drifts.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> what you describe in the beginning is exactly what an fps is. first person, you have a gun and you shoot. portal is a genre of first person shooter. metroid prime was definitely a first person shooter. there was plenty of combat... 10% devoted to combat are you nuts? there was almost constant combat. I beat that game a few times I think I know. There were multiple weapons upgrades as well as types of weapons, explosives, etc.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It's a first-person shooter. Your perspective is first person, you shoot in order to kill your foes. The Metroid Prime line has always been described as an FPS, even by Nintendo. If your overly rigid definition of an FPS doesn't allow them to also be action/adventure games then that's on you and quite frankly it's that thinking that's had gaming inundated with uninspired FPS clones that have done little to nothing to advance the genre.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Nintendo officially calls it First-Person Adventure. Who are you to say it's not? Oh I know. Mr I think I know everything because I have an opinion.

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@horizonwriter Actually Nintendo specifically said Metroid is not a First Person Shooter. They called it a First Person Adventure. << LINK REMOVED >>

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@LtReviews Your description of Metroid Prime gameplay mechanics makes me miss the series sooo much... Nintendo better give us good news at E3 this year

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metriod prime was a great revival of the series... and then it got declared non-canon... in favor of the travesty that was other M... if they went back to that, I wouldn't want it.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> No, Prime's canon.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Metroid prime could be in a different time line similar how there was a 3 timeline for the Zelda game that no one knew about.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> totally with you on that one:), it's a real shame since Retro studios is kinda like the rare from old, i hope they come with a new one, not exactly like prime because that series ended on a satishfying note....more in the vain of side scrollersmetroids with theire creative spark;)

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If Metroid still wants a chance to survive in this gaming world they MUST go back to Prime and Echo! Those, in my opinion where fricken 5/5 star games.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> totally agree,metroid prime the first one is my favorite

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This Nintendo company is special. So Mario slaps his name on everything but all the other mascots are always missing in action. Unless of course its time to make a smash brothers game. Nintendo needs to dump these losers who don't like making games. Im tired of seeing all these characters in smash brothers that aren't making a game on the WiiU. Im looking at you fox and captain falcon. Smash brothers is supposed to be for advertisement, not fan service. No wonder the game doesn't have a release date, all it does is promote old characters. Keep supporting platinum games and start hanging up these old franchises. Even Zelda needs to go they are not serious in making games. One teaser video in two years??? You guys need some new blood over there. This guy must be kidding a metriod game with new emotions. Translation a more compelling story. Copy past prime with updated graphics and hire a writing team. Either have Activision create a Multiplayer or update your metriod blast game into a new metriod game.

Thank me later. smiles

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Well, Other M inspired deep revulsion. That the emotion you were aiming for?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Don't forget frothing anger, chibi Ammy!

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As long as the chance for 3rd party metroid still exists and one of the 'emotions' his new games create is fun I'm ok with this

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No, they need to make an old school metroid like on super nintendo. Side scolling but obviously with superior graphics. There's so much they could do with this game... They should make a 20-30 dollar metroid game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> They should lend the license to DrinkBox Studios to make "Guacametroid".

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So very strange... but strangely enticing..!!!!

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"... it does show the series co-creator wants to keep working on new games with a broad appeal."

This sounds eerily similar to the path that Peter Molyneux has been taking in recent years, and I'm not so sure that it's a good thing for gamers OR for him.

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When has it ever been about what the developers want? Isn't it about the customers and what they want? Keep thinking that way Japan, keep thinking that way.

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the beginning of the end, bye side scroller metroid T^T

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RIP Metroid Series, sorry to see you end like this :(