Metro3D signs Dinosaur Hunting

Metro3D announces that it will publish Microsoft Game Studios Japan's prehistoric action game in North America later this year.


Metro3D has today announced that it will publish Dinosaur Hunting in North America on November 7. The game, which is currently in development at Microsoft Game Studios Japan, is an action adventure in which players will be required to capture dinosaurs discovered living in the Amazon interior in the year 1910.

"Dinosaur Hunting is a giant-size action adventure, which brings prehistoric dinosaurs into the 21st century," said Joseph Morici, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Metro3D. "Mixing reality with a bit of fantasy, Dinosaur Hunting is a solid action adventure title sure to be popular this upcoming holiday season."

Despite having defied fate for so many years, the dinosaurs are now in danger of becoming extinct, and so Lord Andrew of the Ark Foundation sends an international team of hunters and scientists armed with tranquilizers and the like to rescue them. For more information on Dinosaur Hunting, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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