Metro3D ships Smash Cars

Metro3D announces the North American release of its toy-car racing game for the PlayStation 2.


Metro3D has today announced that the PS2 racing game Smash Cars has shipped to stores across North America. The game, which has been developed by Creat Studios, is an arcade-style radio-controlled racer in which players can compete in 13 locations all over the world.

"As one of Metro3D's biggest titles to be released this year, Smash Cars is an electrifying and quirky off-road racing game that brings to life R/C racing fun in an action-packed world," said Joseph Morici, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Metro3D. "Introducing an entirely new level of gameplay rarely seen in R/C racing games, Smash Cars combines big stunt action with superrealistic control, suspension, and physics to give players a taste for championing a real R/C toy car to the finish line."

Smash Cars features no fewer than seven different gameplay modes and allows players to perform stunts with their chosen R/C vehicle as well as race them. There are 13 different vehicles in the game for players to choose from, including monster trucks, off-road trucks, and tournament cars--each with four selectable skins.

"As the developer of the most regarded high-performance physics engine on the market, optimized for the PlayStation 2 platform, we were able to create fresh and dynamic car suspension features that makes Smash Cars different from other racing simulation games," said Daniel Prousline, executive producer at Creat Studio. "Besides physics, the engine allowed us to incorporate many other unique options into the game, delivering stunning visuals and great performance without compromising on interactivity or AI opponents."

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