Metro Exodus Leaving Steam For Epic Games Store Seems Controversial Even Inside THQ

THQ Nordic responds to a statement by THQ Nordic.

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Earlier this week, publisher Deep Silver announced the PC version of Metro Exodus will be sold exclusively through the Epic Games Store--a move that Valve, the company behind Steam, decried as "unfair." THQ Nordic GmbH tried to distance itself from the controversial decision, and now THQ Nordic AB--parent company of both THQ Nordic GmbH and Deep Silver--has issued a statement in support of the move.

Following the announcement that Metro Exodus would be skipping Steam, THQ Nordic GmbH took to Twitter to explain it had no involvement in the decision. "The decision to publish Metro Exodus as a timed Epic Store exclusive was made entirely on Koch Media's side as Metro is their intellectual property. They are a sister company of THQ Nordic (Vienna), which is the reason why we can and will not comment on this matter," the company wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, THQ Nordic GmbH said: "We do not want to categorically exclude the possibility of timed exclusives for any of our games in the future, but speaking in the here and now, we definitely want to have the players choose the platform of their liking and make our portfolio available to as many outlets as possible."

Now, THQ Nordice AB, which owns THQ Nordic GmbH, released a statement of its own supporting Deep Silver's decision. "I believe it's in the group's, and ultimately the consumers', best interest that business decisions are made close to the market and this is the group's consistent business model," CEO Lars Wingefors said. "I firmly believe that Deep Silver and Koch Media have carefully considered the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and risks in their decision to go solely with Epic Games Store. The decision has my full support."

Metro Exodus was available to pre-order on Steam before Deep Silver decided to bring it exclusively to the Epic Games Store, and while it is no longer available on Valve's storefront, any Steam pre-orders will still be honored. According to Deep Silver CEO Klemens Kundratitz, Epic's more appealing revenue split--the storefront gives developers 88% of their revenue while Epic only takes 12%--was one of the deciding factors behind the move.

"Epic's generous revenue terms are a game changer that will allow publishers to invest more into content creation, or pass on savings to the players," Kundratitz said. Indeed, in the US, the PC version of Metro Exodus will retail for $50--$10 cheaper than the $60 price tag the game carried on Steam while it was still available.

Metro Exodus isn't the only big game skipping Steam entirely. Ubisoft recently announced that The Division 2 will likewise only be available through the Epic Games Store, in addition to its own storefront.

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Avatar image for brelwit

I'm glad I didn't get into Metro and The Division games and now I will never get near them unless they get offered for free. What if Steam removes and bans all Metro games from their storefront now from being sold therein because of Deep Silver's unethical actions? I wonder if they will get enough income to survive if solely selling in Epic's Storefront.

Avatar image for Gocha1

Spoiler (the real one): epic: US-10$, EU+10$

Though changing reviews to bad ones for the reason is more unfair than moving to the epic store, still I won't buy the game on the Epic for the regional pricing reason, it's 10$ expensive for EU

Avatar image for Icarian

@Gocha1: Steam doesn't offer regional pricing in the EU. Which is why I use GoG. Or even retail, both are cheaper than Steam.

Avatar image for greaseman1985

Finally, Steam no longer has this monopoly and can't rip off developers. Epic is huge now with possible a bigger customer base than Steam. Steam needs to rethink their 30% cut. They got away with it until now because they were the only/biggest store in town.

Avatar image for Thretosix

Don't buy THQ games, check...

Avatar image for nyran125tk

I knew this was going to happen, when i started to feel like STEAm was getting messy, Valve not caring about games that dont even work,. like no quality control. What major publisher wants to be a part of a retail store that has THEIR 100 million dollar game next to a game thats like green lit or a game that doesnt even work, the cards will fall soon. Fortnight has more players than Steam's top 5 games. If Valve doesnt get their sht together, get rid of ALL the broken sht games. Clean up the store. Second start releasing a new Half Life , at least Episode 3. Left 4 dead 3. A new Day of Defeat and start negotiating better with major publishers, like EA. This was going to happen. Games DRIVE stores. Steam originally was created with Valve games. Most of the people that are still ON STEAM are counter strike players and of course PUBG now and DOTA.

Avatar image for howlingfantod

"THQ Nordic responds to a statement by THQ Nordic." Priceless.

Avatar image for gamerforlife96

@howlingfantod: lol

Avatar image for Ohaidere

Truth is I won't be willing to pay full price for this a year from now and I'm not going to get another bloatware storefront on my laptop, and it seems a lot of people feel the same way.

This will definitely be a steam sale pick up for me when it does come to that platform.

Avatar image for ello432

It's too early on in the Epic store to know yet how this will turn out, but I do wondering about these exclusives. Is Epic doing this to attract people to the new store? That would make sense, if it was the odd game here and there. If this becomes a much more common occurrence on the Epic store and its too early too tell, That would make me think its more likely Tencent's move in to the western market. They are buying up exclusives in an attempt to smother Steam. They have the money to do it. this might be an interesting year for PC games distribution

Avatar image for nyran125tk

@ello432: Its got more players than the entire STEAM catalogue, so probably not bad. Fortnight has more players than the top 5 STEAm games. Meaning, all the publishers know this and arent seeing STEAM as the future, so they need to get their sht together :)

Avatar image for WarFox89

Math is easy:

Higher profit per sale - lower total sales.


Lower profit per sale - higher total sales.

i think they shot their own leg here.

Avatar image for greaseman1985


They're also passing the savings on to the gamer, it is being sold for $10 less on the Epic game store. Gamers benefit.

Avatar image for jacques_dorleans

@greaseman1985: The 10$ less is only for the USA.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@WarFox89: Those two things equal each other out- math wiz. Math is hard for you.

Fact is, a developer is funded by a publisher, so the developer does not risk their own money in case the game is shit- a publisher takes a large pool of investors money to give some to a developer for a cut of the profits, thereby not risking any of their money if the game should be shit, a platform(distributor) is a gate keeper/ a quality control/ facilitator of a product that they then sale to gaming consumers (that is US) for a chunk of that sale and pray that game isn't shit.

So Deep Silver/ Koch Media took home a payday by selling its product directly through epic games probably through a higher % of cut for each game sold, that night Deep Silver broke open the champagne bottles and celebrated the deal - long before their game even came out or any of them sold. Why ? because they know their game is a hit before it even sold, and that they would get the funding to make their next game and keep the light on for another day.

Avatar image for WarFox89

@jenovaschilld: so what new did you said here that we didn’t already knew ? Bottom line is that the game will sale alot less total copies of the game compared to if it were sold in Steam. So even if they get a bigger % cut per sale it won’t sale that much.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@WarFox89: So even if they get a bigger % cut per sale it won’t sale that much. But yeah dumbass, they still get a larger percentage, ..... think about it. It evens out. Guy sales 10 apples for $1 each but only get 10% profit of each one sold - he gets one dollar. Guy sales 5 apples but gets 20% profit for each one sold. ..i'll let you open up calculator to help you figure that one out, warfox....

They probably will not sale as much (although with this amount of free press it will), they will still most likely make out better by this deal, even if they do not sale that much.

Avatar image for WarFox89

@jenovaschilld: No it's not "evens out"

Do you have problems with understanding maybe my friend ?

This example of yours is BS "Guy sales 10 apples for $1 each but only get 10% profit of each one sold - he gets one dollar. Guy sales 5 apples but gets 20% profit for each one sold"

Look at this that way:

If they sell 4 millions copies of the game in Steam for let's say 42$ of pure profit per each sale.


They sell 2 millions copies of the game in Epic store with let's say 50$ of pure profit per each sale.

Guess who wins?

Even if they sell 3 millions of copies sold for 50$ in Epic store it won't come close to the revenue of 4 millions copies sold for 42$ in Steam.

So - No it's not "evens out"

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@WarFox89: No that is only under your 'assumption' that the game will sale for your imaginary X million @X price at Steam but .... will only sale your made up number you pulled out of your ass, X million @X price on another client platform.

The developer decided to go ahead and take the deal from another online store for X Unknown dollars of a % cut of each game sold at a higher rate guaranteeing a them getting a good deal. While Epic takes on alot more risk.

And truthfully, the folks who love Metro and its potential consumers - like me- could care less where we down load and play the game. This game is pretty niche - like say final fantasy 7 remake. Do you think sales will drastically drop just because you have to click a different link for FF fans to download their FF7 remake. It is not like Metro Exodus was really pining hard for that random person who has not heard of Metro series to happen upon their game and make an impulse purchase. With steam, discord overlays - there is really no downside from where we purchase our games. Although i do love steam, ill go somewhere else for a game i like if the price is right and service is comparable.

Will the game sale more over on epic compared to if it was on steam. Probably not - it will not be %100 more like in your comparisons, it will be much closer to same. Also do not forget, that most likely Metro Redux will get shopped around to steam, consoles, gog and other over its life.

So again you are so sadly wrong when it comes to math, business, life... it is crazy, maybe your flat-earth made up math works out for you better.

Avatar image for WarFox89

@jenovaschilld: the only thing that is crazy is how stupid, hopeless and blind consumer you are. Conversation closed. No point to try to explain something to a subject that doesn't have a brain.

"With steam, discord overlays - there is really no downside from where we purchase our games. Although i do love steam, ill go somewhere else for a game i like if the price is right and service is comparable."

ROFL - just shoot yourself

Avatar image for greaseman1985

@WarFox89: How do you know it will sell a lot less? Just because a few people are somehow angry that the game isn't available on Steam? Epic probably reaches more people thanks to Fortnite than Steam.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@greaseman1985: agree- not mention all of this free press and exposure..

Avatar image for jacques_dorleans

@greaseman1985: Not everybody who plays Fortnite is automatically a possible customer for Metro: Exodus. The Metro games were always a pretty niche franchise. It really could be that they sell less on Epic Store than they would have on Steam. Only time will tell.

Avatar image for greaseman1985

@jacques_dorleans: The same way not everyone on Steam is an automatic possible customer. That's why I said in another comment even if 20% of Fortnite players buy the game it will be huge. You can bet Epic will advertise the hell out of the game to their Fortnite base to maximize sales.

Avatar image for WarFox89

@greaseman1985: Because Steam has a lot more exposure and client/player base in their platform is huge in the PC market. If someone skipping Steam it will hurt their sales. It's a proven fact for long time. I'm not protecting Steam and i'm not even against them to skip Steam - it's their game and their decision as publisher to make [Not taking into account how they have exploit Steam in the last months to advertise the game and *****d them in the last minute]. I'm just talking about the fact that if you're not on Steam you WILL sell lot less. It's a given.

Avatar image for greaseman1985

@WarFox89: Epic has huge exposure thanks to Fortnite. I'm not saying every Fortnite user will use Epic, but even if 20% did it would be huge. I doubt sales of this game will be negatively impacted.

Avatar image for WarFox89

@greaseman1985: well only time will tell. What really matters [personal for me] is the reviews scores before i buy.

Avatar image for Geocross

Well, at the moment my gaming soul is in Steam's castle as I've invested a ton of money (by my standards) in 106 games there. I like the platform and even though Epic/THQ's move seems a bit shitty, if EGS offers better deals for developers then the competition in the long run might change the market so hopefully Steam (and other platforms as well) will be forced to compete with better deals as for gamers as for developers. The thing is that I've read EGS is pretty messy and buggy at the moment.

Avatar image for NinjaGaz

Steam's 30% cut is way too high and is a representation of the monopoly that they have over the distribution market.

Steam, itself, is great for the most part. Huge numbers of games, special offers constantly, lots of user reviews, etc which is why they have a huge player base, but 30%...

Epic's 12% is a better reflection of their part in the game making through to sale/distribution process.

Avatar image for untouchables111

so everyone was ok to use Epic store for fortnite but a AAA title is a no no...grow up kids.. the game is going to sell just fine

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

Xbox pushing this game full stop.

Epic buys exclusive rights to PC.

Valve gets upset.

This game may just be that good. Also this is very good for the industry and PC gaming, regardless of whether people like it or not.

Avatar image for Litchie

@gladysbhogan: GameSpot, please hire me as a spam removing guy. I'm here more often than your own staff.

Avatar image for SCImonTemplar

@Litchie: You can use me as a reference.

Avatar image for sam628

Steam is for gamers that's what i have been told :)

Avatar image for Xylymphydyte

Ohhh, Deep Silver is involved. I've been calling them Little EA for quite some time now.

Avatar image for jacques_dorleans

@Xylymphydyte: Remember that stunt Deep Silver pulled with Metro Last Light where they chopped off the highest difficulty (Ranger Mode) and sold it as a separate $5 DLC?

An extra $5 just to access the highest difficulty mode that removes the HUD/UI for extra immersion, Whiskey Tango Foxtrott.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Wow, hope Epic paid well for your dignity.

Avatar image for gamerforlife96

@Thanatos2k: upvote

Avatar image for awesomeandstuff

So theres exclusive games, movies, tv-shows and music where you will have to pay just to access the content. Buy an console, pay a subscription for netflix, spotify etc...

But your mad that you will have to create a free account to be able to buy a game?

Avatar image for kaminobenimizu

THQ: We're not going to comment on it.

Also THQ: Koch has our full support!

THQ: ...

Me: The amount of THQception is darn too high!

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