Metro Book Writer Suggests New Game Is in Development

The next station is... video games.


Metro author Dmitry Glukhovsky has discussed the future of the series, saying he has no intention of continuing to write the novels but suggesting the story of Artyom could continue outside of the books.

In a Reddit AMA, Glukhovsky was asked if he will "keep collaborating with 4A Games" after completing his book series. Although he didn't outright confirm a new game was in the works, the tone of his response suggested there could be one in the future.

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"All the 'next game' questions have to be asked [to] Deep Silver--the publisher of the first two Metro games ;)"

The website for the Metro 2035 novel previously suggested 2017 would see the release of "the next Metro video game." However, publisher Deep Silver later amended the text, which now reads, "But the Metro saga doesn’t end where the books leave us ... An era of great discoveries lies ahead!"

It also published an official statement on Facebook dispelling the rumours that a new Metro title would launch in 2017.

"You may have noticed some sites have reported that a new Metro game would be released in 2017 ... As the exclusive rights holder to video games set in the Metro 2033 universe, Deep Silver has ambitious plans for the hugely successful Metro series. But just to manage our fans' expectations--releasing the next Metro game in 2017 is not one of them. When we have more news to share, we will."

Later in his AMA, Glukhovsky once again indicated the world of Metro could continue to expand outside the novelisations.

"And even if there won't be any other Metro BOOKS, this doesn't necessarily mean that Artyom's story can't continue in other media," he explained.

The last game in the series to be released was Metro: Last Light, which was awarded a 9/10 in GameSpot's review.

"Metro: Last Light is not an endless barrage of bullets and beasts. It takes the time to let you breathe in the choking atmosphere and allow the chilling fog to seep into your bones," said critic Kevin VanOrd. "And when it finally comes time to aim your shotgun at mutated fiends, the payoff is grander for the eerie silence that came before.

"Last Light is notably superior to its predecessor, merging storytelling, shooting, and sneaking into a remarkable and cohesive whole. And through this harmony of game design comes the caustic dissonance of a world so torn asunder that a single possibility can bring with it endless hope."

Read the full Metro: Last Light review for more on the game.

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