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Method Man Voices New Call of Duty DLC; Also Talks How High 2, Hip-hop, And Gaming Roots

Method to the madness.

Two new voiceover packs released today for Activision’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, one of which includes rapper, actor, and producer Clifford Smith, better known as Method Man. GameSpot was able to catch up with Wu Tang Clan’s very own to talk about how he got involved with Call of Duty. We also had the chance to talk about games he’s been playing, his upcoming roles in movies and television, and his thoughts on hip-hop today.

Hey, what's up Meth? Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. So, you're doing a voiceover pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. How did you end up doing this project?

Well, I got a call. As soon as I heard it was for Call of Duty, I was in. Full stop. Plus, I remember a Call of Duty game (Ghosts) where they had Snoop Dogg do the same thing. That was really good.

If I understand correctly, you play a little Call of Duty yourself. What sparked your interest in playing this game?

It started with SOCOM. When they stopped doing SOCOM at a point where it was still good, our clan leader switched over to Call of Duty. Because we were refusing to do anything besides SOCOM, he switched over to Call of Duty, and I'd say I was the last one to switch over, because I was still trying to play SOCOM. That's how it happened. He put us all on. Every time there were multiplayer shooter games, it was our clan leader that usually got us to switch over and play other games. But once we bought into Call of Duty, that was it.

Do you remember which Call of Duty you finally jumped in on?

It started with Black Ops, it was the first time I remember where I actually started playing at an efficient level, I actually started to get the game. Like, I usually wouldn't come back to games like that. And all the maps were small that I could navigate around. For anyone that was having trouble playing the other Call of Duty games before, that one there helped a whole lot ‘cause up to that point I was just a camper.

Tell me about one of your best Call of Duty moments. Like, when things got real intense and you pulled through. What are some of your best moments playing?

A dude was talking mega s***. This is just what one dude, though. I think I was the last person left and it was two guys on the opposing team left, I mean, my team was watching and they was pretty much like "We lost this round." And I murdered both those dudes. Like, it was luck but I got both and it was justice for them talking s*** through the whole game! They were just like, you know, “Noob,” and the s*** they usually just chat in multiplayer.

Another time was when I first got ten kills without dying. Ecstatic. Ecstatic. Matter of fact, they were all in between the houses, I caught the majority of the team camping. Flanked around them and just started laying dudes down! That was in Nuketown, so if you stand in the spawn spot, you can just hammer dudes! That was the first time I got ten straight kills without dying.

I imagine you're hyped up to do the voiceover pack. What can we expect from it? What kind of lines are you going to be dropping?

They had some lines open and they gave me the freedom to express myself, so to speak. It's a lot of, you know, I got my own flavor on what's coming out of my mouth. That's going to my flavor. And being someone that actually played the game, I know some of the lingo even though I haven't played in a while, since this new one came out. I haven't even been home long enough to really lock in.

Anything else you've been playing, besides Call of Duty?

I usually play something by myself. I play NBA 2K, of course. I like Sniper Elite. Just the usual games that get great ratings first, I f*** with them. I don't go for all of them, but one that I did pick up was Watch Dogs 2. That was up my alley, plus I had part one. When I get home, the first thing I do when I go on, I play a game of basketball, just one game. Then I play a game of MLB just to further my career, and then I play a game of Madden. Then I go into my other games which is usually Hitman or Watch Dogs.

I want to also talk a little bit about other things outside games. You have a pretty prominent acting career. I’ve seen your cameo in Luke Cage and you were in Keanu with Key and Peele. You got any other plans for acting right now that you can talk about?

Yeah. I mean, let's put it this way, I'm doing four TV shows. Three of them are done already and I'm currently shooting one called Drop the Mic for TBS, James Corden's production. I'm doing that with Haley Bolt and also I have three TV shows I've already shot. The Breaks is one of course, they're playing that now. The Deuce, which will be coming soon for HBO. And Rebel, which will be out March 28, that’s the premiere so, if you want to check for your boy I'll be on four different channels! You've got to kind of surf channels, though.

What's the word on How High 2?

You know, I can't really say much about it, I have to let the powers that be do what they do. I know there are some people that want to see this movie made, a lot more fans that want to see it made. But myself and Redman want to see it made correctly and if it's not made correctly then why even bother? Just give them more kind of stoner flicks.

But we're looking at a movie that, over the course of time, even though it's been what, 15 years? It's made 80 million dollars, right? Sales and revenue, things of that nature, off a 12 million dollar budget. So, I think that warrants a sequel in my opinion. You have to look at everything from every angle. It's been over 10 years since we've done that and that's taboo in Hollywood to do any sequels that's past four years ago.

Have you guys started any writing or storyboarding, anything like that?

We had a script, it needed some kinks knocked out of it. Just, you know, I don't think people are as enthusiastic about it in the industry as we are enthusiastic about it in the street, wanting to see this movie. But I mean, like I said, it's old Hollywood and this is the way things work. They've gone far with this process as far as, you know, sequels, because usually sequels aren't that good.

But occasionally you get a sequel that outshines the first one, and I don't see how hard that can be because in my opinion, How High isn't that hard to top. It was just a vehicle for me and Redman to showcase our talents, you know? The next one can be all about whatever the hell they want to do. Hopefully we'll get it, I don't even want to talk about it any more honestly but hopefully we'll get one better.

Speaking of you and Redman, you two going to do the soundtrack again?

Yeah, possibly. Possibly. I think Redman and Method Man is the heart, being the caretakers of ‘90s hip-hop. Going on that role of reminding these kids what it looked like back in our day and also being producers in Hollywood, we've got some great ideas then we put it together. And Redman's like, he wants is his comedy, so he knows all the ins and outs of the comedy. And that's pretty much the way and direction we'll go.

Any other rappers you've been following recently? Anyone you been really paying attention to or listening to?

Nah, but I'm rooting for all of them. You know, I see that the new crop is coming out of them, from listening to the fans. They're way more lyrical.

Also, I have nothing against mumble rappers, some of that s*** sounds crazy, because I'm all about changing the vision. You know, words are great, you've got to have the words, but cadence, can't beat that s***. If you listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit, it was mostly the cadence that sold that. I mean, Kurt Cobain was basically [Smells Like Teen Spirit imitation,] but it was the just the flow of it that made it dope.

And that's why I can't take that away from so-called mumble rappers, because we're all just rappers, doing our jobs. I’m all for them, keep doing what y’all doing. The time is coming to an end to where people think people like me see that music the same way people saw our music. Just think of it as evolution. It's going to continue growing and if you don’t keep up you'll get swallowed the f*** up. Seriously.

Is there anyone you would want to do a collaborate with or anyone you would want to have on a feature that you haven't worked with yet?

Now, if I was on top and I was looking down, then I could say. But they up there, you know what I'm saying? It's like, I haven't really been up there in music as far as albums and the radio stuff, so they would honestly have to reach back. But be careful, because I'm a hell of a f*****g MC. You don't want me outshining you on your hit.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Meth. Anything else you want to add?

If you haven't got Infinite Warfare, I think you should go out there and get it. It's got so many add-ons and updates. Get that Infinite Warfare because Method Man said so!

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