Meteos First Look

This colorful puzzle game will require players to reassemble meteors as they fall towards the bottom of the screen.


When Sony announced at the Tokyo Game Show that ex-UGA head Tetsuya Mizuguchi's light-and-sound puzzle Lumines would be headed to the PSP, most people assumed that Mizuguchi's startup Q Entertainment would not, despite rumors to the contrary, debut a Nintendo DS game as well.

But this morning, all that changed when Lumines publisher Bandai announced that it would indeed be publishing a DS title from Q Entertainment, a puzzle title called Meteos. And that wasn't even the biggest surprise--also revealed this morning is that the game's designer is none other than Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby and Super Smash Bros. who left Nintendo last year.

Little is known about the first game to come from the two newly independent designers. Described as a "shoot-and-lift-up puzzle", Meteos is a puzzle game in which the player must deal with falling bits of meteor and put them back up into the sky. Colored pieces fall to the bottom screen, and the player uses the stylus to drag them around and match up the colors. Once three similarly-colored blocks are placed together in a row, they will shoot back up into space to form a new planet. The game will feature multiplayer support for one to four players.

If Meteos can combine the visual flair of Mizuguchi with the simple, intuitive gameplay of Sakurai, it will be a title to watch. No release date for the game has been announced at this time.

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