Metal Slug-Inspired RPG Headed To Consoles And PC Next Year

Eat, transform, die, repeat.


A new pixel-art Metroidvania is headed to PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One next year. Mega Cat Studios, the team behind the beat 'em up Coffee Crisis, announced that Bite the Bullet is expected to launch early 2020.

Bite the Bullet is a Metal Slug-inspired RPG where you devour your enemies and environmental inhabitants to power up your character and weaponry. According to the game's official website, this "roguelike RPG shooter" will feature a variety of classes, over 60 levels, a plethora of weapon crafting and ability unlocks, and more. It looks like a mashup of Tribute Games' Mercenary Kings and La Cartel Studio's Mother Russia Bleeds, with a bit of Phobia Game Studio's Carrion tossed in for good measure. Check out the trailer below.

As the game's Steam store page states, "Every enemy has its own nutritional information, and your body type will change based on the types of enemies you consume." As you consume everything from enemies to walls to bullets, your abilities will change, your stats will increase, and your weapons will receive modifiers depending on what you eat.

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