Metal Slug 3 to shoot stateside

SNK stands by its plan to bring US gamers a PlayStation 2 version of the NeoGeo classic.


Metal Slug 3

Contrary to reports circulating on the Web, SNK says it is still planning a stateside release of Metal Slug 3 for the PlayStation 2.

"Published reports regarding Metal Slug not coming stateside are incorrect," the company said in a statement. "SNK is still in development to publish the game for PlayStation 2. It is SNK's intention to work with Sony to make sure this product can come out for the PS2."

SNK offered no indication as to when the game will release or what its price point might be.

Old-school gamers may remember Metal Slug 3 from the 1990s--the 2D shooter was available both in arcade and NeoGeo MVS versions. The game is currently available for the PS2 in Japan and retails for around $55, while mint copies of the US MVS edition can fetch upward of $250 on eBay.

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