Metal Gear Survive Not a $60 Game

It will cost "somewhere in the vicinity" of $30, according to a report.


The just-announced new Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Survive, will not cost $60, Konami has confirmed.

A representative for the publisher shared the detail with Polygon. Instead of the $60 price point that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was sold for, the game will be "somewhere in the vicinity" of that title's prologue, Ground Zeroes. It sold for $30 when it launched in 2014.

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GameSpot has followed up with Konami in an attempt to get more details.

Metal Gear Survive is a multiplayer stealth game coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2017. The game is set after the events of Ground Zeroes. Players are sucked into wormholes that transport them into alternate timelines, where you'll encounter desert landscapes and half-formed structures that were sucked in along with you. Up to four people are charged with working together to...survive.

You can read GameSpot's previous Metal Gear Survive coverage to learn more about it.

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As of yet it is unclear which developer is working on Metal Gear Survive. Series creator Hideo Kojima left Konami in 2015, while Konami closed the LA studio responsible for Metal Gear Online.

Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on Metal Gear Survive as new information becomes available.

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