Metal Gear Solid Voice Actors Perform A Twist On Classic Christmas Poem

Stealth espionage Christmas.


It's the holiday season, and the actors behind Metal Gear Solid are ringing in the season in their own special way. Voice actors David Hayter and Cam Clarke, who voice Solid and Liquid Snake respectively, performed a rendition Twas The Night Before Christmas with a particularly Metal Gear twist.

The duo got together for the video, complete with some in-character testy exchanges. The poem follows the basic rhyme structure of the familiar poem, but of course this is about Metal Gear, so it's a good deal more violent. It replaces the merry and bright story of St. Nick with lines like, "To the top of the base, and hey blow up that wall / Kill the guards, the twin snakes, what the hell, kill them all."

The most recent game in the series was Metal Gear Survive, which released earlier this year. It was a decidedly unconventional take, moving away from melodrama-heavy geopolitics and toward post-apocalyptic survival. It received mixed reviews at GameSpot sister site Metacritic, and a cold reception in GameSpot's own Metal Gear Survive review.

"For the most part, Metal Gear Survive feels oppressive, demanding, and obtuse, and needlessly so," wrote Tamoor Hussain. "It's a shame because there's actually a good survival game in there, but the pressures it places on you make uncovering and enjoying that unappealing. Over time the ability to manage thirst and hunger becomes slightly more manageable, especially if you play the multiplayer, but the lead up to that is debilitating. There's some satisfaction to be had if you persevere and savor the small victories, but you'll quickly find yourself thinking about if your time would be better spent playing something else."

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