Metal Gear Solid V on Xbox One and PS4 will look better than E3 trailer

The Metal Gear Solid V E3 2013 trailer was "more tuned to current generation," says Kojima.


The final version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will have better visuals than the trailer shown at the start of Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference, game director and series creator Hideo Kojima has said.

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In an interview with Polygon, Kojima says that the team is currently focusing around the Fox engine on a PC development platform, but with the 360 and PS3 in mind. "While we were developing on current-gen," says Kojima, "next-gen came along. We're really trying to reach the peak of the current generation right now--360, PS3--and then see how much we can take it up for the next generation."

The trailer shown at Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference was "more tuned to current generation" models and textures, according to Kojima.

"Once we start going into development for next-generation we're definitely looking for something better than [what] we have shown today," concluded Kojima.

Support for mobile and tablet features will also be included in Metal Gear Solid V. "I feel that [using] multiple devices, tablets, and smartphones and how to interact with it socially is a big step forward," said Kojima.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were formally confirmed this week at E3 2013.

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I call bullshit on this one.

Avatar image for DanC1989

As if I was ever going to get this on a current-gen console...

Avatar image for NTM23

Wait, why did I never see this? I got this news from my Facebook page just now, and I always see the news on GameSpot first.

Avatar image for Hiddai

can't wait!

Avatar image for sonicare

Did that cardboard box just move?

Avatar image for MCM078

Really? So is the PS4 version going to leave two smoldering holes where my eyeballs used to be?

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lol if thats the case and you think it was ryse was awesome you should buy a pc seeing has it was running on one

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i ould never think of using any ps3 exclusive to defend ps3 has i had a xbox 360 its entire life span but unfortunatly for you this gen is different .the ps4 is indeed 30-35 percent more powerful and this time they are a piece of cake to program for so no struggling to get the best out of them both sadly for you that is. at the end of the day it doesnt matter what i or u say just wait for launch and see all the 3rd party youtube 1080p video comparisons that we will see no doubt

Avatar image for Yeahurwrong

@hairdie then again when it comes to comparison games like COD will not count in my book because my friend has a 360 and that games looks and sounds better than on ps3 but that's mainly because they are being BYASS as ever and doing more than what the contract requires them to do

Avatar image for Yeahurwrong

@hairdie PLus now all sales for the Xbox will have some % going to sony thanks to some hardware installed on the NEW Xbox and Blu ray

Avatar image for Sheepsquad

I read that all the Xbox games aren't played with xbox dev kits, but the ps4s were. furthermore, xbone was using Nvidia on high-end PCS. They weren't even using xbox's new AMD chips. Like seriously?? Now i'm really not surprised that the E3 xbox trailers aren't going to look like next gen. lol

Avatar image for hairdie

@Sheepsquad so u actually think the ps4 and xbox one are going to be better than that?

Avatar image for X-Robert

Of course it's going to look better, the so-called "sky box" is not finished in the trailer.

Avatar image for hairdie

@X-Robert yuo will eat your words the 7 series GTXs that were used are a world aprt from the low end trash that is xbox one gpu

Avatar image for hairdie

@X-Robert your right they are going to make it slower :P

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Avatar image for TheZinoxy

They runined the game by 50% by not having David Hayter as voice of Snake.. Makes no sense, why did he have his voice in Snake Eater? And how come the *** version of this game has the same voice actor who performes Snake? But HELL NO we Europeans/Americans get's our beloved Snake =(

Avatar image for Yeahurwrong

@TheZinoxy yup so Metal Gear has only and always been about the voices it makes me sick to hear you say that YES his VOICE is cool but if you couldnt have played the *** DUB and fall in love with MGS and then lose respect over VOICE and not even understand Kojima's reasoning for it then I cannot even bare to read your reply because you have not been fully enjoying METAL GEAR SOLID you've been enjoying a voice

Avatar image for Biggs613

@TheZinoxy Yes, they ruined the game by getting an established actor, someone who's been doing things like this for more than 25 years. Dude, Sutherland will impress, trust me. Also, I find it kind of weird that David Hayter was at E3 when he's not involved in the game and not a member of the press...

Avatar image for trembo_slice

@Biggs613 @TheZinoxy I'm convinced Kojima is trolling us about Hayter. Keifer Sutherland will be awesome in whatever roll he is playing, I'm sure. If he is Snake, he is Snake.

I feel like Cartman waiting for the Ninentdo Wii with this new MGS. OMG OMG OMG!!!

Avatar image for jawadhasan3

@TheZinoxy ... stop whining... If you think the 50% of the game is ruined just cause Hayter isn't in it, then don't buy it.

Avatar image for mjtplayer

Need to keep and eye on this one...

Avatar image for AkhilAnilkumar

This is going to be a good game.

Avatar image for blaze_boy30

Oh really? This I gotta see.

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

MGS 5 is going to look that pretty AND be open world?

Goddamn Konami and Kojima.

Fine, you win. I'm coming back for your nonsense one more time.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@UrbanMessiah not nonsense. The MGS universe very much symbolizes parallels to real life. The "patriots" or the "Phillosiphers" are the same as the real world Illuminati. MGS games cover many real life issues that would seem like science fiction to many, but are in fact based in reality.

Avatar image for souther_hill

@Dredcrumb9 @UrbanMessiah Yes, that is true. MGS is very smart.

Avatar image for Pac1Man


Avatar image for holtrocks

@Pac1Man 24 reference, f*** it have a like

Avatar image for AccursedGamer

The article mentions support for tablets and smartphones. I wonder how using these will affect gameplay? Not that I'm gonna use these anyway.

Avatar image for alvarokike

Wii U version?

Avatar image for Gusz2

PS3 = 1 Blue Ray

Xbox 360 = 9 DVD's

Avatar image for luixferx5

@Gusz2 hahaha! sad but true X360.... I have a 360 so i´m waiting til´ PS4 version come out to play it

Avatar image for ModestDude

Damn. That's pretty amazing. So this is current gen footage.

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Hideo Kojima: Everything is running on a pc right now - Kojima Productions - GDC 2013


Avatar image for pszone

PS4 Much better Xbox One but pc will be better consoles visions because pc always ahead than consoles market I think .

Avatar image for Gusz2

@pszone Yes, but he confirmed the game won't come out to PC, not same time that the Consoles, at least, they plan to make something to PC, maybe, CVG interview.

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Developers with more open arms. thats great.

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78

PC version willbe the best.

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78


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Avatar image for LiquidGold

Had to slap myself in the face to see if I was awake when I read this was running on current gen. I still don't believe it. MGS 5 running full spec on nex-gen is going to be insane.

Avatar image for Gusz2

@LiquidGold SAME HERE!

Avatar image for Wahab_MinSeo

WHAT About on PC Next-Generation When it Metal Gear Solid V Come On PC Windows!
Thank God That Was the Old Seventh generation graphics, not the Eighth generation Will Be Amazing Movie Game!

Avatar image for Navardo95

@atakan5 @Navardo95 Ok I see but thats why I said *most* of the MGS games as I know two of them were released on PC....with all the platforms confirmed there is still no PC announced but time will tell...though I feel its highly unlikely..

Avatar image for gruoch1

It's coming to Playstation 4! YES!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for rIVAL_sWORD84

@gruoch1 it used to be ps exclusive before so i doubt they will ever stop making for ps console, But gaming is a business after all anything could happen.

Avatar image for Biggs613

@rIVAL_sWORD84 @gruoch1 If you really think about it, no, it's not a true "exclusive". Original MGS was ported to Gamecube, original Metal Gear started on MSX and Nintendo, XBox had MGS2, Snake Eater, Peacewalker as well as MG and MG2, so really, the only real exclusive Sony had was MGS4.

Avatar image for SwordStMusashi

@Biggs613 @rIVAL_sWORD84 @gruoch1 Wasn't the original version of MGS (not Twin Snakes) ported to Sega at one point? Was it a Japanese release or a mod for Sega CD? I remember seeing something back in the day...

Avatar image for Navardo95

"Fox engine on a PC development platform, but with the 360 and PS3 in mind."

The impossible might just be accomplished.