Metal Gear Solid V 3D scan and mocap tech shown in new video

New video from Kojima Productions shows process of bringing actress Stefanie Joosten into the virtual world of upcoming open-world game.


Konami has released a new video showing off the 3D scan and motion-capture technology that developer Kojima Productions is using to bring the characters of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to life.

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Actress Stefanie Joosten, who plays the role of Quiet in the game, is shown in the video having her face scanned and performing various actions with a sniper rifle in a motion-capture suit.

The depiction of Joosten's character Quiet has not been without controversy.

In a series of tweets earlier this week, Kojima said he directed MGSV's art director to make some of the game's characters, including Quiet, "more erotic" in an effort to encourage cosplay and promote figurine sales. He has since clarified these tweets, saying "sexy" was a better word to use.

"What I'm really trying to do is create unique characters. One of those is, of course, Quiet. She's a really unique character. I wanted to add that sexiness to her," Kojima said. "It wasn't really supposed to be erotic, but sexy."

Halo designer David Ellis took issue with the depiction of Quiet, calling the character design "disgusting" and evidence that the game industry is "full of man babies."

GameSpot recently attended a live demonstration of Metal Gear Solid V prologue Ground Zeroes at Kojima Productions' new office in Los Angeles. Check out GameSpot's impressions for more.

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will it be on pc?

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@JoHanDante1 be pc, or be ON pc?

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@wgerardi Calm down there, Aristotle.

@JoHanDante1 Kojima said they're working on a PC version but it's not a priority. So it will most likely have a much later release.

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If you want to be politically correct and avoid sexism, maybe you should stop playing video games.
Sincerely to the fucking idiots bitching about this

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@LonelyHippie27 Or looking at any form of art

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All this motion capture stuff is great, but I just want to see/play the game

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Depicting child soldiers: fine. Blood diamonds: even better than fine. Graphic violence and torture: absolutely. Removing a bomb from a conscious person's intestines while she writhes in pain: wonderful.

A bit of sex appeal: HIDEO IS EVIL INCARNATE.

Well, that's America.

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@Nathan_R_Rork It's not just America that's complaining...

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@Nathan_R_Rork IKR, it's such bullshit. They've got their priorities fucked up

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@Nathan_R_Rork I'm not American.

And it's just because it's so goddamn stupid...a sniper, in the a bikini?

What's wrong with a normal female character with a normal combat outfit?

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@Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork and i think shes blind too, which makes it even worse

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@Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork

maybe the desert was so goddamn hot

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@Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork

Gee I have a skin with camouflage properties,as a sniper i should totally cover the most skin possible....

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@Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork I take it you don't play MGS or haven't in the past 10 years

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@Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork No one dresses for the occasion in Metal ear, men and women alike.

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@Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork

Yeah, Metal Gear has been such a grounded, down to earth series until now. Shame they're breaking from realism after all these years.

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@Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork Yeah. You figure a game that has a monkey in a diaper who drinks soda and burps would know how to keep it real.

I just want everything to be normal and thoughtless. Why is this so hard for developers?

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@wgerardi @Dictatroll @Nathan_R_Rork I forgot about that monkey in a diaper drinking soda pop. :D Thanks for that!!

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@Nathan_R_Rork Because the 15 year olds love female snipers showing their boobs and wearing bikinis. The developers try to please their...sexual fantasies

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Is there a video link to the live demo they did a couple days ago or was that only for a private audience?

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Seriously do you need to go there?.

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Blue or black what do you prefer?

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I did not know GS had so many perverts.

Get a life people.

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@Dictatroll Whey they see a woman they always say the same things in here. There are many virgins in GS that dream of getting laid ....You will get use of their comments

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She's so hot.

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@cashx002 Meh seen better

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@frozenux A see-through burka with thong and bra?

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Beautiful looking girl indeed. Can't wait for MGSV.

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i want a figurine

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My body is ready.

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That was a sooo long time ago....

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I think this is to much. like only this game have sexy (*erotic) girl. what about girl from max pain, what was her name, mona or something like that , what about witcher 2 and many other (erotic) games. I think that this girl is normal, and that there is nothing erotic in this, I mean in her :) or there is. correct me if I am wrong about this.

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Now I know why he's called Snake.

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What does she think of her character firing a sniper rifle while having a thong ride up her ass?

Maybe she should just be naked. It is the Desert, and it's probably more comfortable.

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He did it all with the honey ooo oooh yeaahhh

he did it all for the money ooo oooh yeahhh

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Didn't we get enough articles about sexy stuff in MGS5 already ?

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@ilantis There is no such thing as too much sexy stuff.

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@ilantis *erotic* fixed

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@psuedospike I just wanted to say that :) and you did it just few seconds before me. :D