Metal Gear Solid V 3D scan and mocap tech shown in new video

New video from Kojima Productions shows process of bringing actress Stefanie Joosten into the virtual world of upcoming open-world game.


Konami has released a new video showing off the 3D scan and motion-capture technology that developer Kojima Productions is using to bring the characters of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to life.

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Actress Stefanie Joosten, who plays the role of Quiet in the game, is shown in the video having her face scanned and performing various actions with a sniper rifle in a motion-capture suit.

The depiction of Joosten's character Quiet has not been without controversy.

In a series of tweets earlier this week, Kojima said he directed MGSV's art director to make some of the game's characters, including Quiet, "more erotic" in an effort to encourage cosplay and promote figurine sales. He has since clarified these tweets, saying "sexy" was a better word to use.

"What I'm really trying to do is create unique characters. One of those is, of course, Quiet. She's a really unique character. I wanted to add that sexiness to her," Kojima said. "It wasn't really supposed to be erotic, but sexy."

Halo designer David Ellis took issue with the depiction of Quiet, calling the character design "disgusting" and evidence that the game industry is "full of man babies."

GameSpot recently attended a live demonstration of Metal Gear Solid V prologue Ground Zeroes at Kojima Productions' new office in Los Angeles. Check out GameSpot's impressions for more.

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Mae'r fenyw yn y llun yn prydferth iawn. Dim yn deall pam mae mor cymaint o pobl yn becso am y'r holl cachu am Hideo Kojima a gyd o'r pethau erotig, roedd na lot fawr o pethau fel yna yn Metal Gear Solid 4, roedd neb yn becso am hwna ar y pryd.

Pardwn os wyt ti ddim yn deall fy sylwad, dylai google translate helpu o leiaf ychydig =P

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@Johny_47 Dafudge is that?

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@X-7 @Johny_47 According to google, it's Welsh:

"Thewomanin the pictureisvery beautiful.Do notunderstand whyso manypeople aresoworried aboutHouse ofHideoKojimaandall theshit aboutallof the thingserotic,there werea lot ofthingslike thatinMetalGearSolid4,there wasno oneworried abouthave thatonthemeal.

Pardonif youdo not understandmycomment,googletranslateshouldhelpat least a little=P"

Yes. Yes it did.

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@Johny_47 You're welcome!

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@kohle36 @X-7 @Johny_47 Hahaha ddim yn drwg o gwbl ond dim yn da naill ai =P

Ac mae'n neis fod ti wedi cymryd yr amser i edrych lan fy sylwad , diolch yn fawr =)

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"Wow, the actress we hired is pretty... I'm gonna take all her clothes off in my game hehehe"

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Being a Dutch Model makes you an Actress?

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@frylock1987 @masterhound No but apparently it makes you hot.

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Would you guys rather have this as Ocelot?

I rest my case.

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I feel kind of bad for Stephanie seeing as after the game comes out, a computer replica of her is going to be oogled by sweated palmed teenagers everywhere for years to come =/

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@Patohua1 Pixel pervs.

Avatar image for EMPTY-V

@Patohua1 Look at MGS4's B&B Corp. She's gotta know what she's getting herself into

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@Patohua1 gee for a top model that must be a first...

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I wonder how flexible she is. Definately should get her to do some mo cap bending over and spreading nice and wide.

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@xReincarnationx hahaha wtf?

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@xReincarnationx I found the perv! :P

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@batman_is_gaey @xReincarnationx Quick tell johnny but be Quiet about it.

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@xReincarnationx Dude, not cool. She's a professional actress, not a webcam stripper.

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Kojima doesn't need to apologize. Also David Ellis should keep his mouth shut since the Halo community are a bunch "man babies."

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@Mrod1212 I think YOU should shut your mouth, cuz reasons.

Avatar image for roman4545

@batman_is_gaey what reason for you not to shut your mouth ?

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finally watched the trailer for the first time. And OBVIOUSLY those who have been whining and moaning about her did not see the trailer. She is taken prisoner and tortured thats why she is wearing a bikini top. And its funny to me because I suggested that without even looking at the trailer.

Avatar image for G4m3r0uTL4wZ

@spartanx169x I bet since she remained Quiet they took her clothes off?

Avatar image for Findy37564

@spartanx169x yeah im tired to explain the same thing for bunch of Ms halo fanboy

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

She's beautiful.

Avatar image for MateykoSlam

@LS-Chaos every woman in MGS is sexy, have you not played previous games?

Avatar image for Findy37564

@LS-Chaos agreed u dont like it dont buy it
and beside whats wrong adding a sexy female character?

Avatar image for Scorpion1813


Nothing is wrong with a character being sexy. That isn't the issue here.

Avatar image for StonerDemon

I don't care about tech. Pretty girl.

Avatar image for moataz1993

are they going to use the 3D scan tech for the "erotic" features they wan to add to the game? it seems after all that everybody gets his fair share of Bewbs even game devs :D

Avatar image for Diablo-B

If you ask me she's wearing far too much clothes. Come on guys, push the envelope. All you really need is 3 pieces of string for her clothes. Id buy that game

Avatar image for Scorpion1813

I actually feel sorry for the actress in all of this. Stefanie Joosten has lent her likeness to the character Quiet, who's dressed in such a way that has received only two differing opinions: Those who are further objectifying her, and those that are annoyed because she has been objectified.

And then there are those that are ignoring the actual issue and are just defending Kojima, because apparently Kojima can't do anything wrong.

I have respect for Kojima, and I have respect for Joosten. Yet I'm still waiting for actual justification over the design choice for Quiet (that isn't related to pervertedness).

Avatar image for cephas90

@Scorpion1813 I like your concise and well expressed argument. I'm kinda annoyed by all the people who are having hissy fits over those who have opinions different than theirs.

Avatar image for Scorpion1813


Thank you. I'm glad someone appreciates what I have to say.

Avatar image for frylock1987


Im almost positive if Stefanie Joosten had a problem with this and how the character looks she would have said no to doing the game.... She is also lending her voice to the game...not just her likeness so again, I'm sure if she had an issue with the character she would have simply said no, and let them find somebody else. She isn't even an actress, she's a dutch model, so I'm pretty sure she gets paid to be half naked a lot anyway, which is cool, because that means she is just comfortable with her sexuality unlike everybody posting on here.

Some food for thought.

Avatar image for Scorpion1813


Yet more base-less assumptions.

You personally know this model-turned-actress? You know for a fact that she would turn this down, this career-defining, once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough opportunity - just because she wasn't happy with the role?

And you apparently know me too? You know about my sexuality, my preferences, and my personality? Should I invest in some better anti-spyware, and maybe some thicker curtains?

No. I don't think you honestly know any of those things.

One last thing, my point is that Joosten is being ignored. Nobody seems to be caring about her work or what she is offering to the game. People are too focused on how she looks, and how hot she is, that they are failing to even care about the work she is putting into this.

Despite what I think about the character design for Quiet, I still feel sorry that Joosten will only be remembered as "that hot model who looks like that hot character", rather than for her acting skills (she's doing the voice acting and mocap for Quiet, so yes, she is now an actress).

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@Scorpion1813 If you saw the damned trailer you would know it fits with the story.

Avatar image for Scorpion1813


I saw the damned trailer and it showed / explained nothing.

Avatar image for LS-Chaos

Why would he or anyone else have to justify it to you? If you don't like it, don't buy the game, it's his creation not yours. I personally would never go out dressed like that, but hey, it's a game, and we've all seen worse in real life. Miley Cyrus at 2013's VMA's!!

As a writer though, if he feels this is how the character I think that's more than enough justification !! Creating characters is best part of writing.

Avatar image for Findy37564

jealous because all he had is hologram girl?

Avatar image for thermalmotion

Once we begin mandating what is politically correct, art is truly dead.

It's cool to have opinions, but don't make it a 'social' issue.

Avatar image for AskanTale

both beyond two souls and metal gear 5 use scan and motion capture of the real human model but when i look at beyond two souls i dont really see any human resemblance, i only see lifeless andruid. i guess it comes to who got better art and clearly kojima team is superior in that division. funny how beyond two souls is all about emotion but metal gear 5 got more emotion to it.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

As for why she might be wearing a bikini? There are several that could be in the story. She was captured while on a military mission. Bad guys thought she was hot, tried to turn her into a slave. Snake helps her escape, and he gives her a sniper to help him take over the encampment. And I thought of that in 5 minutes.

Avatar image for ANUBISZER0

That girls face is just too precious.

Avatar image for maitkarro

People should be more aware what is going on japanese gaming market, it's full of sexy stuff, they know sex sells, then they do it, they aren't ashamed of it, and neither are the gamers.

Avatar image for AskanTale

someone is acting like a 13 year old who never see sexyness before. people acting like they never play any japanese games before. laylow on your cod for once!

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@AskanTale it is not only japanese games that shows girl like quiet :o

Avatar image for thermalmotion

Women are cool; women in games are cool; sexy women are cool.

Get over it already.