Metal Gear Solid V 3D scan and mocap tech shown in new video

New video from Kojima Productions shows process of bringing actress Stefanie Joosten into the virtual world of upcoming open-world game.


Konami has released a new video showing off the 3D scan and motion-capture technology that developer Kojima Productions is using to bring the characters of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to life.

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Actress Stefanie Joosten, who plays the role of Quiet in the game, is shown in the video having her face scanned and performing various actions with a sniper rifle in a motion-capture suit.

The depiction of Joosten's character Quiet has not been without controversy.

In a series of tweets earlier this week, Kojima said he directed MGSV's art director to make some of the game's characters, including Quiet, "more erotic" in an effort to encourage cosplay and promote figurine sales. He has since clarified these tweets, saying "sexy" was a better word to use.

"What I'm really trying to do is create unique characters. One of those is, of course, Quiet. She's a really unique character. I wanted to add that sexiness to her," Kojima said. "It wasn't really supposed to be erotic, but sexy."

Halo designer David Ellis took issue with the depiction of Quiet, calling the character design "disgusting" and evidence that the game industry is "full of man babies."

GameSpot recently attended a live demonstration of Metal Gear Solid V prologue Ground Zeroes at Kojima Productions' new office in Los Angeles. Check out GameSpot's impressions for more.

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Avatar image for InquisitorCrox

When Snake appeared half naked in previous games i didnt see anyone mumbling about sexism...

There are a bunch of gays that hate the presence of appealing women in games, so that more lilte boys become like them before they grow up...

Avatar image for StHapns247

@InquisitorCrox But if I recall Snake in the skinny was plot driven, he wasn't just running around naked in the hopes that the Naked Snake figurine would sell more and people would show up to Comic Con in the buff.

Avatar image for ragius4

@StHapns247 @InquisitorCrox How do you know this won't be plot driven? Now to be honest I don't think so either but it might be for all we know.

Avatar image for StHapns247

@ragius4 @StHapns247 @InquisitorCrox Nah man, Kojima said it was sell figurines and inspire cosplay.

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That's how far the Japanese go to undress women.

Avatar image for corrus

She is so cute <3

Avatar image for Dictatroll

I bet most of the lonely pervs here are yanks.


*flame shield on*

Avatar image for X-7

@Dictatroll XD

Avatar image for GermanBomber

Beautiful woman. I don't care if this sounds stupid or not...but having her in the game is enough reason for me to buy MGS5...Like, come on, we all KNOW Snake! I just want to see more of her character...and her boobs primarily.

Kojima is a genius...

Avatar image for X-7

@GermanBomber Can you say lonely pervert?

Avatar image for Dictatroll

@GermanBomber ......ok

Avatar image for jark888

After seeing the video capture, I know why video game characters looks so good these days.

Avatar image for n8b1979

The real man babies are the ones who can't handle seeing a woman being sexy. What is so wrong with a woman dressing sexy, especially for entertainment? MG is an adult game get over it.

Avatar image for Dictatroll

@n8b1979 That's not the prob, the prob is people sweating , drooling and pixels.

Avatar image for banana23man

@Dictatroll @n8b1979 Which is somehow worse than when there were no visual stimuli? And if someone is fapping to a real life porno, isn't he also fapping to pixels?

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@banana23man @Dictatroll @n8b1979 The funny thing, at their base components, everything is made up of atoms, including real women, pixels, etc.

Avatar image for komuchen

@n8b1979 Adults actually have, you know, sex, so there is no need for it here, something you will understand eventually.

Avatar image for Guest1001

@komuchen Adults actually are, you know, men and women so there's no need for them in games.

The Middle East actually is, you know, a real place so there's no need to portray it in MGSV.

Think it through.

Avatar image for X-7

@komuchen I agree. Certain things are not really appropriate for entertainment. It seems like every show, game, or movie has to incorporate sex for all the base people out there who have sex addiction problems. Good grief they have nudity in advertisements all the time now. People need to grow up and realize that sex is a personal thing and that it should not be flaunted around.

Avatar image for mrs_table_lamp

@X-7 @komuchen Society spends all this time telling people that sex is a private thing, but as long as it's on a screen it is funny and should be shown every where. I completely agree with you x-7.

Avatar image for Relvar

@komuchen i'm guessing not too many of the ones lurking on these forums.....

Avatar image for ViciousRDS

@Relvar @komuchen

I don't get it. I'm married. I have sex AND I still like seeing sexily dressed, attractive women. My wife likes to dress in sexy clothes and I like it when she does. I don't understand what's "disgusting" about a beautiful female body.

Avatar image for Needles-Kane

Wow, that girl is amazing.

Avatar image for Elann2008

So why doesn't Valve, a billion-dollar company and game developer have mo-cap technology to do Half-Life 3? Ehhhrgh...

Avatar image for advocacy

MGS V, sponsored by Brazzers.

Avatar image for X-7

@advocacy LOL Reminds me when they were trying to support a pro gaming team. XD

Avatar image for themyth01

Very nice looking graphics. Their lighting and skin shaders are top-notch stuff. This couldn't possibly be the work of a man, Kojima no doubt is a talented individual but his team makes this possible, kudos to Kojima's team.

Avatar image for roman4545

@themyth01 Fox Engine is really an impressive tech.. i guess its better than Frostbite 3...

Avatar image for X-7

@roman4545 @themyth01 Different engines for different things. Frostbite is good for visuals and destruction, while Fox focuses solely on visuals. Unreal for instance is really easy to program things for but does not excel at a whole lot. (Remember their tech demos and games that use it look totally different.)

Avatar image for roman4545

@X-7 you do know that Frostbite also focus on visual right ? well... same like Fox..

in the term of visual only.. not other the stuff.. and you also referring the tech demo of Id Tech 5

Avatar image for Kjranu

I bet Kojima already tapped that. The real Quiet, of course.

Avatar image for tntgrunge5

Im in love♥

Avatar image for raycpt

Regardless, I still love Kojima's work... Halo designer: Why the hell did people even asked his opinion? He can go F himself for all I care... don't like the game, don't buy it, simple.

Avatar image for Heshertonfist

I love Stefanie Joosten.

Avatar image for X-7

@Heshertonfist Who the heck is she? They acted like we should know who she is.

Avatar image for hippiesanta

Kojima is soo genius.

Avatar image for etgbrown

halo calling mgs man babies!, says the people who made cortana!

Avatar image for OldKye

@etgbrown Hey a little naked blue/purple girl with big breasts that's only 7 year's old is apparently not a big deal to david.

But a girl in a bikini on a sandy beach well... that's just disgusting.

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Yeah!!! This is what men's want!

Avatar image for frylock1987

@Patohua1 @xReincarnationx

She isn't an actress.....She is a Dutch Model though.

Avatar image for Patohua1

@frylock1987 @xReincarnationx Yes she is, it says so in the article, plus she's doing motion capture, which makes her an actress. Either way though, she's still a professional.

Avatar image for PupilsDilated

Somewhere out there, Tomonobo Itagaki is thinking, "Why am I not part of this?!"

Avatar image for X-7

@PupilsDilated Whatever happened to him?

Avatar image for PupilsDilated

@X-7 @PupilsDilated Not sure, first I heard that he joined THQ and was working on "The Devil's Third," then I heard THQ was closed down and the project was cancelled. But there's rumors that's he's still working on the game, but who knows. He might just be partying with hookers.

Avatar image for Viral-venom13



Avatar image for Trickymaster

See I want to start playing Metal Gear Solid so I read up on the story but it seems so complicated for newcomers to understand what this game is actually about. Do you guys think V is a good way to start playing MGS or should I definitely play one of the prequels?

Avatar image for raycpt

@Trickymaster you will want to start with MGS3: snake eater, then continue with MG peacewalker, then MGS (PS1) and finally MGS2... the missing piece in the story is peacewalker... I think it should not be difficult to grasp the story if you play in the sequence like I have suggested. Then MGS4 should be played last.

Avatar image for Apocfuzz

@Trickymaster you should def play the game in timeline order to get the full effect of this masterpiece story.

Avatar image for EMPTY-V

I'd start with the first game, just so you can experience the evolution of the game's mechanics. If you've never played MGS, just be prepared to be bombarded with cutscenes and dialogue. I didnt' enjoy it at first because all the games I played before didn't go this route, and it can easily feel like the controller is being ripped from your hands. Use the Metal Gear Database app free from Playstation Network to fill in any gaps of knowledge, and if this game appeals to your tastes (which I am unaware of) you will then become a MGS fan. For me, this series touches on real-world subjects, taboos and themes better than most other games I play. And Solid Snake is just so damn cool!

Avatar image for speedy5212

@Trickymaster MGS HD collection or the MGS Legacy Collection if you have PS3 is probably the best way.